Axie Infinity’s Adventure Guide

Last Updated November 11, 2022

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Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn NFT game, aims to stand upright and battle a group of digital pets named Axies. Its widespread adoption has propelled it to the forefront of the Ethereum gaming industry.

The more levels your Axie has, the more Experience Points (EXP) you will gain while playing the Adventure PVE game mode.

Axie Infinity can be played and downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices.

What is Adventure Mode?

Axie Infinity’s solo player PVE mode is called Adventure Mode. Here is where you’ll face monsters to level up your Axies and acquire experience. In this mode, you may choose from various hard stages. You will earn more Experience Points as you advance.

Discovering Adventure Mode

When you launch Axie Infinity Adventure Mode, you’ll see the name of the ruin you’re exploring and a progress bar. If you want to finish the entire ruin, the number of dots on the bar indicates how many stages there are.

Earning Smooth Love Potion (SLP) for adventure-level victories is possible. Farming SLP in Adventure Mode does not require Energy, but there is a daily cap of SLP you can earn. Raising your team of Axies’ level is the only way to gain experience points, so save your Energy for that purpose.

SLP and AXS Rewards

Axie Infinity is a blockchain video game you can play to earn cryptocurrency. Axies can be earned, bred, and fought over, and players can also do daily quests and farm game resources.

SLP Reward

You can raise your MMR and SLP earning total by competing in Arena Mode and beating other players. Gaining SLP in Arena Mode consumes Energy.

How much SLP you receive for victories in Arena Mode is tied to your MMR. More SLP is given out to those who rank higher.

AXS Reward

Token holders who stake their AXS, engage in the game, and cast votes in crucial governance processes will be rewarded.

The creators of Axie Infinity Shards say it will aid the players to be rewarded for their participation in the game and will decentralize the game administration and ownership.

Staking is a community incentive for holding onto AXS tokens long-term. Staking your tokens through the staking dashboard will earn you AXS rewards.

SLP Farming Guide

It is well-known among Axie players that the optimal use of the daily energy points is to split them in half and use the half on adventures to advance in level and the other half on the Arena.

On the other hand, if your Axie’s current level is sufficient for your needs, you can skip this and go straight to Arena Mode to begin farming SLP.

Putting together a team of axies and improving your abilities or adopting a new tactic will allow you to collect more SLP Rewards in Axie.

Gaining more rewards requires you to develop your skills and develop a plan that works for your gameplay. To win and progress through the game, you’ll need to learn how to employ your cards in combinations properly. Try different strategies or combos to see what works best for you during games.

To get the most out of your current team, you should familiarize yourself with the game’s buff and debuff systems.

Axie Infinity Energy

You may examine your current Energy level and amount of Energy on the main menu. Still up for grabs is the remaining downtime before reclaiming more Energy points.

The two most important uses of Energy are to gain Adventure Mode Axie Experience (PVE) and to receive SLP bonuses while playing Arena mode (PVP).

As a result, the more Energy you gain, the more Experience Points (EXP) you’ll be able to earn through Adventure (PVE) combat, allowing you to reach higher levels.

Farming EXP and Leveling Up Axies

It would be best to do more fights in adventure mode while you still have the Energy to level up the Axies and gain experience.

Spend your time and effort in Adventure (PVE) rather than Arena Matches (PVP) if you want to level the Axies. This is because Arena matches (PVP) are only beneficial for SLP farming if your Axies are already at a high level.

You should know that losing a player vs. player combat in Adventure mode will also cause you to lose the experience points you gained. If you spend Energy farming EXP in PVE, you might as well make sure you can beat lower levels first.

Should I Focus on Leveling my Axies First?

Yes, if you’re starting, you should prioritize raising the levels of your Axies on Adventure Mode.

Many players advise focusing on your Axies’ development for the game’s first two weeks.

When starting, earning the required SLP per day in Adventure Mode cannot be easy.

This is due to your Axies’ low level, as rewards for completing Adventure Mode (PVE) at low levels are few. More SLPs are earned at higher Adventure Mode levels. For this reason, prioritizing the development of your Axies is essential.

Consider it an investment in your team’s future viability, as their increased strength will allow them to more quickly and easily farm SLPs.

The rewards for reaching the Boss Level are an additional incentive to prioritize leveling up your Axies.

There is a daily limit on how much SLP you may earn in Adventure Mode, but the rewards are more. Investing in your Axies’ levels is necessary to reap the greater reward. In addition, it has been reported by multiple players that increasing their Axies level increases their chances of receiving an SLP drop of high value.

Last but not least, completing Adventure mode and defeating specific bosses will also net you one-time Special Level-Up rewards.

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