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The Bomb Crypto game is in the Play-To-Earn genre, where players manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats, if you're lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase performance and combat ability.

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Bomb Crypto Game Review

Bomb Crypto is a play-to-earn game released by Senspark, a renowned Vietnamese game developer. On the Binance Smart Chain, Bomb crypto is a wildly popular blockchain game.

When compared to DeFi mining, the Bomb Crypto game is more entertaining because players get to pick their own Heroes. It is highly advertised and frequently listed among the top five games with the most transactions on BSC.


The fictional nation of Bomberland in Bomberman inspires Bomb Crypto’s plot. An invasion of evil powers demolished the countryside. Scientists designed valiant bombers to save BCOIN and the populace. Heroes are the primary non-fungible tokens in Bomb Crypto. You will need at least one to begin playing.

The rarities of the heroes include common, rare, super rare, epic, and SP legend. The greater the rarity, the greater the Heroes’ power statistics.

How Does it Work?

Each NFT game has its in-game currency used to acquire in-game items and make purchases. Bomb Crypto utilizes Bcoin and may be used to purchase and sell NFT products and the bomber heroes themselves.

BCOIN is a token standard on the Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most popular Ethereum token. BEP-20 was created as a technical standard for Binance Smart Chain to enable developers with a flexible structure for launching a variety of additional cryptocurrency.

The Verichains Team audited BCOIN and determined that the Smart Contract was written in Solidity and included no vulnerabilities.

Bomb Crypto Tokenomics

Bomb Crypto consists of two tokens:


Bomb Crypto’s native and utility token is BCOIN.

The token can purchase new heroes, trade NFT items with other players, or be sold on third-party markets like PancakeSwap, Latoken, Biswap, onus, and ZT Global. BCOIN utilizes the BEP-20 protocol of the Binance Smart Chain.

Bomber Coin (BCOIN) is the game’s currency used to acquire and enhance Heroes.

Staking can take place either on the website itself or directly within the game itself.

When users unStake their BCOIN tokens after staking, users are required to pay a withdrawal fee proportional to the amount of BCOIN they staked.


Senspark’s native token, SEN, is utilized to build out the platform and the broader Senspark ecosystem.

Senspark (SEN) is a token used to provide a platform to support the financial and economic system used for GameFi and Metaverse products within the Senspark and partner ecosystem.

The greater your SEN contribution, the greater your incentives.

The only requirement is to stake your SEN tokens. This enables you to make money while you sleep!

Game Modes

You have the choice between the following three modes:

Treasure Hunt Mode

Deploy up to fifteen Bomb Heroes on a map, where they will drop bombs and demolish treasure chests to win BCOIN. This is an idle mode.

Treasure Hunt Mode is the most beginner-friendly game mode because it does not involve active gaming. Depending on the levels of your heroes, it could take an hour or more to clear a Treasure Hunt map with 15 of them.

Your objective is to clear the map as rapidly as possible; the more bombers you have and the higher their statistics, the more likely you will succeed and win more BCOIN.

Revenues ultimately differ in every game; therefore, BCOIN’s worth can fluctuate.

Story Mode

Select a Bomber Hero and destroy enemies to advance.

Killing creatures and destroying blocks has a chance of yielding BCOINS, and boss battles can yield NFTs.

When you complete a mission in Story Mode, certain enemies and blocks may drop BCOIN. To play, you must first find a key in Treasure Hunt; doing so will grant you access to the game for one pass through the Story Mode.

At the very least, you’ll need 15 Heroes in your lineup, but you can pick just one.

Battle Mode

Fight against many opponents.

Earning in Battle Mode requires dominance. Each participant pays an entry fee, which acts as the pot for the winner. If you win, you receive the opponent’s entry fee in tokens.

You don’t need a key or a specific hero to participate, but it’s easier to win with a hero with decent stats and a high rarity; thus, newbies with heroes with low durability may want to hold off on entering. Losers receive nothing, so there is a greater risk because the entry fee is not refunded.


According to Bomb Crypto website, bombcrypto.io, you can play Bomb Crypto on a Web browser or your android device. There will soon be an iOS version.

The game plays by itself. The heroes search and acquire BCOINs from chests. Remember that you can only utilize fifteen Heroes for each treasure search.

Bomb Crypto is a Play-To-Earn game in which users command a squad of cyborg bomb heroes programmed to search for BCOIN and battle monsters. Each bomb hero has impressive statistics; if you’re fortunate, you can find bomb heroes with valuable statistics to sell or upgrade to improve their performance and battle skill.

Each bomber hero is an NFT that boosts both ownership and trade ability; you can also seek additional NFT items, such as decorations.

The accumulated BCOINs from the most recent game are accessible in the reward chest, located in the dashboard’s upper-right corner.

Bomb Crypto House

After a long day at work, we all return to our homes. In Bomber world, nothing has changed. Each bomber hero has impressive stamina. And once it has been depleted, the bomber hero will return home to recuperate before resuming work.

Houses can be embellished with decorative things that provide a more comfortable environment for our heroes to recuperate and potentially reveal more talents.

Play-to-earn With Bomb Crypto

According to Bomb Crypto’s FAQ, you can withdraw your earnings after mining with a withdrawal fee.

The amount you earn depends on how frequently you play and the game mode you choose. The quantity and attributes of the NFT Bomber Heroes you acquire in Bomb Crypto determine your performance in-game. Additionally, you can have several accounts.

Methods of income include trading heroes on the market. Using the Bomb Crypto marketplace, you can buy and sell heroes. Also, Treasure Hunt provides passive income. Treasure Hunt is a mode you can activate and then abandon while your heroes clear the map.

Through Story Mode, gamers can only play this game if they have 15 heroes, and players can earn BCOIN by destroying enemies and advancing. Finally, play PvP for profit. Battle Mode allows you to battle other players, and if you win, you receive the entry fee-funded pot.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Bomb Crypto!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Bomb Crypto

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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