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Celestial is an MMO space theme game. Players can join federations, develop and expand colonies, explore the planet and galaxy clusters, gather minerals and rare resources, research technology for both civil and military, forge weapons and space ships, and finally fight with other gamers. The game focuses on playability, community, and finance

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Celestial Game Review

In Celestial, players explore a vast galaxy in a massively multiplayer online setting. Players can form alliances, establish and grow colonies, travel to distant planets and clusters of galaxies in quest of rare minerals and resources, study civilian and military technologies, create weapons and spacecraft, and engage in combat with one another.

The game’s developers put a premium on accessibility, interaction, and sustainable economics. It uses UI and Engine, Blockchain and Cross-chain, and State channel technology. The team anticipates blockchain will facilitate effective DeFi systems and the virtual economy development. Its central processing unit is the metaverse.

The space-based cosmic was the motif for the metaverse game. The developers of Celestial hope to handle more than a hundred thousand concurrent users, with nearly that many taking part in a real-time PvP competition.

Participating in or establishing a federation, traveling the galaxy, mining various resources to construct a space metropolis, creating a fleet of spacecraft and weapons, and engaging in space battles to amass wealth are just some gameplay that makes the game trending on blockchain gaming.

According to the game’s detailed roadmap, some upcoming milestones are the public beta tests, the launch of the planet-building system, the Star Wars open beta and launch, and Colonization and war across the galaxy. You can visit their Whitepaper, https://celt.game/static/CELESTIAL_Whitepaper.pdf, for more roadmap details or follow their social media accounts like Twitter, @gamecelt, for game updates.

Game Mechanics

The game combines Gamefi, Socialfi, and NFTSwap with the theme of interstellar warfare. For its GameFi blockchain and cross-chain, an optimized blockchain built specifically for GameFi would be optimized for complex NFT business logic and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structures.

Celestial is an open community for creatives. Artists are unrestricted in disseminating video game footage, 3D models, soundtracks, and other digital artifacts. When people like what they see, the artist should get paid.

DAO will provide financial aid to artists and advertise available positions.


The popularity of social games served as an inspiration for Celestial’s gaming metaverse, who see their favorite game platform more as a social platform where they can meet individuals who share their interests than as a means to pass the time.

All commanders are equal federation members and must vote for its leadership, contribute to its infrastructure, and abide by its regulations.

Federation is an independent group of space commanders with a ton of social property. The Federation and the Commanders make the final call, and the President can rally support for new laws on the planet, in the cities, or the neighborhoods.

Regarding user communication, the Celestial ecosystem will also back forums powered by decentralized technology so that users can create channels like Discord.

Land, Planet, Cluster, and Galaxy

As far as Celestial is concerned, the galaxy is the place to start. There is only one galaxy in the blockchain. New galaxies will be discovered as Celestial is implemented on more blockchains, including Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polkadot (DOT), TRON, etc. The amount of fuel required to relocate a galaxy is substantial.

There are potentially millions of clusters within a given galaxy. The clusters are connected via hyperspace channels. In other words, clusters are interconnected.

Inside the cluster, some planets can be explored. Each planet has its unique ecological characteristics and topography, which defines the types of resources, lands, and extraordinary events that can be found there.

When referring to a planet’s habitable space, “land” refers to the smallest manageable unit.

NFT Eco-System

In-game items on NFT conform to EIP 721 for standard trade.

The bonding mechanisms of NFTs’ minting are effective. The incorporation of NFT would enhance gameplay. When the NFT item’s scarcity is coupled with its usefulness, its value rises.

Players in the Celestial universe build and customize various structures, weaponry, and spacecraft. Participants can mix and match components, customize their products’ properties and states, and create a wide range of one-of-a-kind creations.

Numerous markets exist where cryptocurrency and celestial resources can be traded and exchanged. Blockchain native tokens like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB), or Pegged Fiat tokens like USDT and DAI might be used by participants to exchange for minerals, rare resources, and fuels.

As a result of these individuals, the market was able to reflect their worth fairly. Liquidity suppliers will be incentivized through a bonus system called “liquidity mining,” which will be doled out fairly.

Celestial Tokenomics

Ethereum is the backbone of Celestial.

The ERC-20 token, known as Celestial Token ($CELT), will be used in the game. There can only be a total of five billion tokens in circulation.

CELT token will be the reward system of the game.

Play-to-earn with Celestial

Nearly all celestial bodies are made of extremely scarce materials, making them all NFTs. The success rate is also used to determine the rarity of this resource. This factor quantifies the scarcity of anything.

The more land you control, the more valuable and rare your possessions will become. There is an NFT market in Celestial where you can trade goods, reflecting the scarcity of NFT.

The game’s developers think players should be compensated monetarily for their efforts. A player’s items can gain worth through use. Its ore, for instance, could be useful to a commander. If the miner wants to make more money, they must mine additional ores and sell them on DEX.

You can also earn tokens by completing daily missions.

Moreover, SocialFi is a social forum under DAO, where participating players can get a crypto bonus. If a player serves as an officer, DAO may pay them.

Celestial presents an aggregated stake yield method to provide feedback to those that stake funds on the blockchain. The DAO will perform systematic analyses of the token market in the blockchain and arrive at an intelligent strategy to maximize returns on holdings.

Your share of the earnings may be a little higher than average if you construct certain NFT objects from the Celestial world that will provide you additional power of staking.

Finally, there is a withdrawal fee to reward players who leave their money on the line for longer.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Celestial!

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Step 2: How to Start

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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