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ChainGuardians is a player-controlled turn-based battle game which is active in real time; whilst during idling (when a player is not online), advanced AI-based battles can take place governed by a Guardians’ attributes.

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ChainGuardians Game Review

ChainGuardians is a blockchain technology, anime-inspired collectibles role-playing game that allows players to build their blockchain world. Players can buy, sell, trade, and play within the ChainGuardian network while earning rewards for playing games and participating in tournaments.

The ChainGuardians platform uses Ethereum Blockchain to ensure fairness and security. Smart contracts allow ChainGuardians to track player activity across multiple blockchains, ensuring fair gameplay.

Additionally, Smart contracts allow players to use real money to pay for in-game purchases without worrying about chargebacks or fraud. Around March 2021, the company began the game’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of the ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG).

Currently, most ChainGuardians collectibles are represented as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network. The developers have released the first NFT Portal in the world, which enables users to transfer ETH-based assets to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche’s chain via a cross-chain transaction.

ChainGuardians’ CEO and co-founder are Emma Liu. Robbie Cochrane, one of the company’s founders and current chief operating officer, is also a key figure.

Cochrane claims to be a gamer for over 30 years and has a history in journalism, while Emma Liu has over 20 years of experience managing multimillion-dollar projects. With more than two decades of expertise working for Fortune 500 technology firms, Idon Lui is widely recognized as an NFT Professor.

As shown on its official website, https://chainguardians.io/, the game has secured funding from big names in the crypto game space, including Binance Labs, Blockfolio Capital Management, and OKEx Ventures. These investors are helping bring ChainGuardians into the crypto game trend and giving the team the resources needed to grow.

Game Mechanics

ChainGuardians is an NFT mining game controlled by the player. It also features advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based battles governed by the Guardians’ characteristics.

By banding together, Guardians can take down enemy forces and GateKeepers and acquire rewards like prestige, credits, weapons, and even increasingly rich treasures from across the globe.

3D PvP: Gamers may expect asset-based battle settings reminiscent of classic fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter. Metaverse experiences and client-based solutions are both considered part of the ongoing planning for these kinds of situations.

PvP and PvE Combat: Combat between Guardians and their supporting cast can take place in the story mode and free-for-all team battles. The combat system revolves around a turn-based exchange of attacking and defensive abilities.

According to its Whitepaper, Guardians has 12 attributes: Rarity, Natural Ability, Armour & Weapon Score, Magical Item Score, Guardian Skills, Strength, Intellect, Stamina, Charisma, Agility, Fame Score, Active Score, and Age.

Magical Item Score: Magical artifacts are hidden somewhere in the depths of the cryptoverse. You can raise your Guardian’s Magical Item Score by collecting and using these items in PvE and PvP.

Natural Ability: Rarer blockchain Guardians tend to have greater natural ability than other Guardians, but some have had to endure harder tests than others on their way to freedom.

NFT Mining Platform

ChainGuardians launched a blockchain gaming experience where players stake their digital assets to earn rewards. This includes weapons, armor, pets, mounts, vehicles, and even land. Some of these items are already being sold on the ChainGuardians NFT Marketplace.

Players can participate in this program by staking NFT tokens partnered with ChainGuardians developers. In return, players receive ChainGuardians Coin (CGC), which can be exchanged into ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG) via the ChainGuardians Governances exchange.

The game operates similarly to an idle game in that players choose their NFTs and then submit them to pools to earn in-game currency. When converted to governance tokens, credits can influence crucial ecosystem design decisions, buy additional NFTs, and more.

Chain Guardians Tokenomics

The ChainGuardians ecosystem is supported by ChainGuardians Governance Tokens (CGG), an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token.

It is used for governance, staking, and paying in-game assets, items and consumables. The community governance token creates space for new gameplay and thriving ecosystems to flourish.

The ChainGuardians Governance (CGG) token is an Ethereum-based utility token designed to power the ChainGuardians governance model.

There are three primary use cases of the CGG token: Staking, Voting, and Payments.

Staking: ChainGuardians (CGG) holders can stake tokens to earn non-fungible tokens (NFT), partner tokens, and Power liquidity provider token rewards.

Voting: Users can vote on proposals to amend the ChainGuardians protocol. These votes must occur within the governance period and are weighted according to the amount of CGG held.

Payments: Within the ChainGuardians ecosystem, including the ChainGuardians Marketplace, the CGG token can be used to acquire NFTs and collectibles.

Play-to-earn Chain Guardians

Player incentives in ChainGuardians are determined by player purchases and involvement in other games within the ecosystem, making it a persistent multi-world turn-based real-time strategy superhero blockchain game with desirable prizes and transparent economics.

It is possible that Guardians from the first worlds, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, would return with ground-breaking innovations and cultural practices from their home worlds after struggling through the new realms.

Gear, artifacts, and other goodies can be won in PvP battles. Players that put in the time and effort required to progress through ChainGuardians are rewarded with CGC and NFTs that can be traded or sold within the game.

A maximum number of NFTs can be wagered, and a hash rate is set for each NFT. The more the players invest and motivation to mine CGC, the more they will invest in finding rare and powerful NFTs.

Moreover, staking CGG tokens nets players POWER LPT (liquidity provider tokens), which can be exchanged for NFTs.

Characters can be developed, and NFTs can be earned through both main and side quests. NFTs can be staked for CGC or used to buy CGG, opening up even more in-game monetization options.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with ChainGuardians!

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