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🕒 Last Updated February 4, 2024

Chibi Clash is a built-for-web3 fantasy gaming universe featuring a play-to-own PvP auto battler game as well as on-chain gameplay. Chibi Clash aims to combine fun and accessible gameplay mechanics with a rich and robust Web3 gaming economy.

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Chibi Clash Game Review

Chibi Clash, a blockchain-based gaming platform with gameplay inspired by the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West, aims to close the chasm between Web 3.0 and consumers by providing accessible, creative 2D entertainment.

To make them more in trend, Chibi Clash designed its gaming experience with low entry thresholds so that everyone can join without needing specific technical knowledge or equipment. Players may get their hands on the game relatively easily, but getting good at it is another story.

At first, the ERC-721 standard was used to implement Chibi Legend NFTs. All NFT holders were also given a Polygon version of their original Chibi Legend as an airdrop after the initial NFT sale, marking the formal migration of Chibi Clash to the Polygon network.

The team made the switch to Polygon from Ethereum. For an Ethereum Legendary Seal, you can trade your “retired” Chibi Legend NFTs with no value.

The platform aspires to provide a secure digital economy for NFT holders, collectors, and players, while also facilitating the channeling of gamers’ passion into actual, marketable digital assets. The core of Chibi Clash was created for long-term gamers; hence this virtual economy lets participants earn rewards if they dedicate their time and efforts to mastering the game’s principles.

Ted Mui (CEO), Thinh Tran (VP Engineering), Tim Lee (VP Operations), Daria Lypovenko (Project Manager), and many more are all professionals in their fields, such as Serial Entrepreneurs, Game Programming, Start-up operations, etc.

You can play it on your desktop and mobile device (iOS and Android). The auto-battle game will debut on PC as a standalone client before making its way to mobile devices. The on-chain gameplay features will be similar to the interactive tale games already out there and playable in a web browser.

According to the game’s Roadmap, Chibi Clash is now focused on the Pre-Alpha Playtest Release of Chibi Clash Auto Battler, Lucky Token release, Items Crafting, and many more.

The game has already successfully closed its funding round with the help of high-profile VC heavyweights, including Alliance, Genblock Capital, NGC Fund, PANONY, Polygon Ventures, Avocado DAO, Rainmaker Games, and many more.

Game Mechanics

Chibi Clash is an upcoming real-time strategy game with exciting and innovative gameplay. It’s composed of several layers contributing to the overall ecosystem, each featuring unique elements and dynamics that build a rich player experience. Intense combat with surprising outcomes is just one result of the game’s intriguing mix of features.

Players and collectors alike will enjoy the Chibi aesthetic reminiscent of the Maple Story art style and the Three Kingdoms setting.

Mastering the traits of different classes is also necessary to access additional options for players’ Lords’ abilities and wardrobes. Moreover, players can enlist, improve, and fight one another in ten bouts before their morale sinks to zero. This leads to consequential decisions where players must combine subtle tactics with bold moves to outwit their adversaries.

NFTs of varying values represent the features and characters in Chibi Clash. Chibi Legend NFTs from the genesis collection grant access to whitelists for receiving airdrops and can be used by their owners to stake and recruit.

Chibi Troops

The player assumes command of a virtual army staffed by various units. Troops can be enlisted from a common draft, trained, traded, and deployed in various configurations to best suit the situation. A Dragon, a Phoenix, a Tiger, a Monkey, an Ox, or a Wolf will be chosen as the faction for each soldier.

Each faction is endowed with unique talents and capabilities – from humanoids with special military skills such as swordplay to magical creatures possessing powerful magic spells.

Through alliance formation and resource trading among these six factions, players will ultimately strive to win wars against their opponents in real-time online battles.

Chibi Citizens: With new ways to acquire and expend SHIN, the game’s utility token, Chibi Citizens, is an NFT collection in the Chibi gaming universe that will supplement the core game economy.

Chibi Clash Tokenomics

Chibi Clash began using a model to power its game governance and ecosystem. The ERC20 dual token model involves two tokens functioning with different purposes.

The leading blockchain-based NFT game Axie Infinity pioneered the multi-token model.


$CLASH is Chibi Clash’s governance token. The purpose of $CLASH is to incentivize players to contribute to community advocacy to increase recognition of the Chibi Clash gaming universe and raise awareness in the cryptocurrency gaming space.

Those who hold $CLASH tokens will organize into a DAO to oversee how the Chibi gaming ecosystem grows.

Holders of this token can help shape the future development of the blockchain gaming universe as they influence decisions regarding proposed changes within a citizens’ assembly. After that, they vote on various proposals after deliberation on their merits and demerits, among other aspects.

$CLASH will be essential to expanding the Chibi Clash gaming realm. Holders will be able to stake it for prizes and cast votes on ideas for the expansion of the game universe. In the future, the Chibi Clash Marketplace will also take $CLASH as payment for NFTs.


The $SHIN utility token is utilized to bring in fresh Chibis. The governance token, $CLASH, grants its owner access to voting and purchasing functions.

This utility token’s supply is unlimited to facilitate the game’s expansion. Chibi Citizens and Resources can be “minted” with $SHIN, which can then be burned to remove it from circulation and keep inflation in check.

Play-to-earn with Chibi Clash

Those that invest their time and money into the gaming community are rewarded monetarily.

The mission is to remove all barriers to entry for this game. With the debut of the auto battler game, they want to give away a small number of Chibi Citizen NFTs as a free bonus. Warrior basics provide the same experience as Legends, but Legends have greater potential for monetary gain in combat.

Players are incentivized to perform well in every match to advance in ELO and gain access to more in-game and NFT items.

Chibi Legends holders will have their SHIN earnings airdropped to them, while Soldier holders will have to stake their SHIN earnings. Those who purchased the original Chibi Legend set will be the only ones to obtain this added benefit; new Legends created through recruiting will not be eligible for it.

Legendary Seal: Because of the genesis collectors’ support, Seal owners will gain access to exclusive perks like free and rare mints in the future, placement on invitation-only player lists, and more.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Chibi Clash!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Chibi Clash

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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