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Dracoo Master is a strategic trading card battle game based on the characters named Dracoo. Different Dracoo body parts come with different skills, which are presented to users in the form of cards.

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Dracoo Master Game Review

A virtual world built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) powered by Dracoo IP is Dracoo World. Players can form their communities, create games, and then show them off to other players.

Users may purchase and sell virtual land on the blockchain, build unique settings or games with the map editor and game editor, and interact with other Web3 services and ecosystems worldwide.

In Dracoo World, players may keep track of the activities and accomplishments they’ve completed on their NFTs, which will then be posted in the community for all to see. It is possible to buy, sell, and otherwise transfer such user details alongside the NFT.

The NFT game has a substantially greater collection value than regular NFTs and will be given a function bonus in all Dracoo World projects.

Game Mechanics

The Dracoo trading card game, Dracoo Master, is a tactical dueling GameFi blockchain game based on the Dracoo characters.

Users are given cards representing various Dracoo body parts and the abilities that go along with them. By breeding Dracoos, users may acquire the body parts they like, which players can then use to assemble a deck of cards for use in the game’s Adventure mode or Arena mode to compete for and win $BAS or $DRA.

DracooMaster’s gameplay mashes up the deck-building game mechanic of tabletop games with the action of digital card duels. Use your card abilities to launch an attack, wipe out your foes, and declare victory on the battlefield.

DracooMaster has four distinct game modes:

Adventure Mode (Player Vs. Environment): You’ll need three Dracoos if you want to join. You can begin your quest from the base of the Sacred Peaks, defeat your foes along the way, and collect your reward at the peak.

Arena Mode (Player Vs. Player): You’ll need three Dracoos before joining. Enter the Arena with your Dracoo squad and face off against other players in real time. Beat everyone else and get your name added to the leaderboard.

Guild War (Guild Vs. Guild): For players to participate, they must first join a guild. Guilds use the Dracos as a tool for territorial expansion and competition; the guilds then use the territory’s resources to fortify themselves.

Challenge Mode (Player Vs. Player): You’ll need at least one Dracoo to join. Pick out a unique set of abilities for your Dracoo from the system-issued set, then take it into battle against other Dracoos to earn the ultimate prize.


Artists from DracooWorld collaborated to create the visually stunning “The Summoner NFT.” There has aesthetic value in addition to practical use. A limited amount of Summoner NFTs is available for purchase. In DracooMaster, you may use your Summoner NFT’s distinctive aesthetic look to represent yourself to your rivals.

Summoner NFTs are also ranked in DracooMaster. A Summoner NFT might be Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond in quality.

Allowing the Summoner NFT to consume Dracoos will increase its XP and experience levels. A Summoner NFT that consumes a Dracoo will get experience points according to Dracoo’s Power.


In the Dracoo metaverse, Dracoo plays a pivotal role.

Horns, a face, a body, a tail, wings, and a back round out the standard bodily components shared by all Dracoos. There’s a fresh appearance to every component. They form the charming and one-of-a-kind Dracoo when put together.

There are both dominant and recessive genes present in each Dracoo organ. When two Dracoos procreate, the offspring will inherit characteristics from both parents.

Dracoo Master Tokenomics

With $DRA and $BAS, the developers hope to incentivize users to participate in the ecosystem’s operations. The techniques aim for two primary outcomes: incentivizing users to use tokens for transactions and rewarding them for interacting with DracooMaster, thereby establishing a closed-loop economy.

The goal is to make DracooMaster a publicly-owned and operated platform. The game uses the two tokens model to keep the ecosystem strong and expand it to new levels.

Big Amber Stone

DracooMaster’s primary currency is the Big Amber Stone ($BAS). These are the most common contexts in which $BAS is employed:

Dracoo breeding: Most Dracoo begin their lives in the breeding system, and each breeding requires an equal investment of $BAS.

Improvements to the Dracoo: There are 18 levels for each Dracoo pet’s components and 12 for the creature itself. Upgrading Dracoo will set you back $BAS.

Draco Point

As a tradable representation of the governance and utility functions defined in the DracooMaster protocol/code, the native digital cryptographically-secure fungible token of DracooMaster is $DRA on the cryptocurrency exchange.

The $DRA token is a utility token used to make purchases on the DracooMaster platform and is the platform’s decentralized medium of exchange. The introduction of $DRA is solely to facilitate the transfer of value between members of the DracooMaster ecosystem.

Players can get $DRA by staking Dracoos and participating in various ecosystem games and chores like completing challenges, outperforming other players, logging play-time, referring new users, and participating in governance.

According to the game’s whitepaper, https://www.dracooworld.com, DRA has a total supply of 2,100,000,000.

Play-to-earn with Dracoo Master

In-app purchases allow those unfamiliar with the blockchain to play by renting Dracoo with traditional monetary systems. The in-game currency is the digital money used for transactions on the chain. Once you’re ready to turn that into cold, hard cash, you have to connect your wallet to the system, and you can exchange it for DeFi or centralized exchanges for cryptos like BNB and ETH.

While climbing to the peak of the Sacred Peaks in the roguelike PVE mode, you can collect Big Amber Stones ($BAS) up to a daily cap. If your Dracoo team is strong enough to assist you in reaching the peak, you will get $BAS in a direct and unfiltered fashion.

You may earn $BAS tokens for your victories in the PVP competitive mode. In each season, the awards in $DRA from special events increase in proportion to the strength of your Dracoo squad.

Summoner NFT and Advanced Dracoo are available to you as a Digital Asset Holder. You can resell or lease your Dracoo and The Summoner NFT on the market. Renting these rare and valuable digital goods is an option for players who don’t have luck in the lottery or the breeding game.

While high-value Dracoo may be committed to the crypto market for a steady stream of pledge money, low-value Dracoo can do the same.

Because of its roguelike elements, Dracoo Master could keep players occupied for dozens of hours. Having fun with the Dracoo Master card game doesn’t have to stop at improving your abilities and building the best Dracoo squad; you can also earn $BAS in the process.

In Dracoo Master, you may also play the role of a breeder, inventing and building new and improved Dracoo decks to sell in tournaments or on the market for a huge profit.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Dracoo Master!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Dracoo Master

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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