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🕒 Last Updated March 22, 2023

Farmers World is the first farming game to function on the NFTs platform. Pick for yourself suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem.

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Farmers World Game Review

Farmers World is a blockchain-based farming simulation NFT game developed by G.JIT Japan under WAX Blockchain. The game allows players to manage farms where they harvest food and raise livestock. Growing and selling crops and cattle can provide them with an income.

Players are invited to participate in the land’s development, collect resources, and build farms and cities. In addition, you can meet other people around the world, trade items, and use special abilities.

Since its launch, the game has shown good progress on its roadmap by completing its smart contract, which makes it decentralized and sells out its ancient drop.

Players must create a WAX cloud wallet and acquire some WAX tokens to play the game. Players will need to invest in some items from the Farmers World.

Players must purchase NFT land plots to start growing crops. Once the player has enough land, they can plant seeds to grow their crops. If the player wants to increase farm productivity, they can build buildings such as barns and stables to store their crops and animals.

Manuscript No.4848, which is housed at the National Library of Brazil, served as inspiration for the game. This documentary offers a comprehensive look at the traditional farming practices of Brazil. A mystery culture is described in the paper as having adapted to living in the Amazon jungle.

The game developers are still honing the app’s functionality before it can be downloaded to players’ devices. That means you can’t enjoy it on a Mobile app browser just yet. However, the game is available at https://farmersworld.io, where you can start exploring the game’s metaverse immediately.

Game Mechanics

To participate in the secondary market, you must have a WAX account, which may be created at wax.io. Any time a player makes a resource trade or mints new non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they must pay gas costs because they involve using the game’s blockchain.

As a player, you’ll need a set of equipment. The in-game tokens can be mined with the use of various tools. Build or acquire them yourself in the drop system or on AtomicHub.

The AtomicHub marketplace requires a crypto wallet to purchase and sell NFTs. It currently supports WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, and Scatter.

An NFT land for growing crops, a Cowshed for housing cows, and a Coop for housing poultry are the bare minimums required to get started.

The NFT tools that come into gameplay when caring for livestock and crops are Farm Plots, Milk, Cowsheds, Coops, Baby Calves, Cows, Bulls, Dairy cows, Chicken Eggs, Chick, Chicken, Barley, Farmer Coin, and Corn.

The game’s main protagonist is a farmer. The additional characters are Bull, Dairy cow, Baby calf, Calf, Chick, Chicken, and Jungle monsters.

Membership Cards

These membership cards (NFTs) grant in-game benefits to their owners, such as additional tool inventory slots, extra health, and even the possibility to mine more rare materials on the blockchain game.

The membership levels are Bronze Member (common), Silver Member (uncommon), Gold Member (rare), and Diamond Member (epic).

Depending on the sort of membership card you have, you may be eligible for different perks.

After creating a new NFT (tool), users can keep it in a chest and trade it with other players on the secondary market for WAX. Every NFT tool has a reliability rating. When the durability of a tool is at 0, it must be repaired using gold.

Farmers World Tokenomics

The game features three in-game tokens: Food (FWF), Wood (FWW), and Gold (FWG).

Food is used to feed the animals, Wood is used to build structures, and Gold is used to pay for items. When the player grows crops, it generates Food.

FWF: It is used for food mining. Players need Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat to earn FWF.

FWW: It is used for wood mining. Players need Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw to earn FWW.

FWG: It is used for gold mining. Players need a Mining excavator to earn FWG.

Players can sell their generated Food, Wood, and Gold on the marketplace. The player can also trade generated Food, Wood, and Gold in the marketplace.

Secondary marketplaces like Binance and the Alcor Exchange feature Farmers World tokens. FWW, FWF, and FWG can be acquired via the Alcor decentralized exchange.

Tokens are the cryptocurrency that may be acquired in-game. In-game Farmers World NFT products can also be purchased using this currency.

Play-to-earn with Farmers World

Farmers World is a crypto game where players can play and earn crypto. There are three different modes to earn:

Play mode: In this mode, players start with no energy and must farm to gain some. Once enough energy is gained, players can begin crafting items to sell on the market. Tools and equipment can be purchased by players to aid in the rapid collection of resources.

Farm mode: Players can build farms, farm animals, and grow crops to sell on the market or mine resources directly. They have the option to buy buildings to boost output.

Market mode: Here, players can trade resources for other resources in the game. Resources include Wood, Food, Gold, Stone, Coal, Diamonds, Copper, Silver, and Lead.

In addition to earning money, players can buy additional memberships, allowing access to special features like exclusive member avatars and player housing.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Farmers World!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Wax Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Farmers World

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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