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Rooster Wars is a PvP online multiplayer game that allows players to collect NFTs and play to earn (P2E) by fielding roosters to fight in the arena, finishing levels in adventure mode, breeding fighting cocks, joining expeditions, and engaging in land expansion. The development of its features unfolds in stages:

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Rooster Wars Game Review

In Rooster Wars, the player has complete strategic agency over their character. Multiple fighting games inspired this game, built under the Polygon blockchain. However, the gameplay has been reduced to a rock-paper-scissors format. It comes with a Gaff and Gem that improves your Rooster stats and a nest full of NFT rooster eggs.

Rooster Wars is the first blockchain-based, Non-fungible Token fighting game created by the Philippine studio MetaDhana. Other Filipinos like Jaime Busa, Dexter Paliwanag, Jed Mark Serilla, and Ian del Carmen are executives of this Filipino-owned tech startup.

If Axie Infinity, Vietnam’s unique NFT-based video game, has taken the gaming world by storm, then Rooster Wars, the Philippines’ hallmark NFT-based video game, is poised to do the same.

Rooster Wars embodies transparency, decentralization, innovation, security, inclusion, and balance principles. It intends to provide a wide variety of gaming and media content for players’ enjoyment such as anime, manga, bazaar, a New Fun Take on an Old Game, and more.

One popular Filipino gamer of Rooster Wars is Marvin Favis. He offers a full video Tagalog tutorial on his YouTube vlogs about the perks and scholarship programs of the game. His social media, like Facebook and TikTok, has also reached thousands of followers because of his crypto game reviews.

Game Mechanics

Players in Rooster Wars, a multiplayer online game based on roosters, compete against one another in the Arena, adventure mode levels, breed fighting cocks, take part in expeditions, and expand their territories to earn NFTs and play to earn.

The NFT game has different game modes:

Arena Mode and Season Rewards (PvP): The expansion of the Arena, where any number of fights can be held.

Adventure Mode (PvE): Gain $GWIT and other NFT items like GAFFs and Gems by defeating enemies across various levels.

Team Battle: This is a passive way to earn. Roosters need a “Battle Contract” to engage for a limited time.

One of the most comprehensive play-to-earn games available, its mechanics are based on the classic game of rock-paper-scissors.

A rooster with a beak attack is more likely to succeed than one with a claw attack, given that beak attacks are more powerful than claw attacks.

Claw attack= Scissors

Wing attack= Paper

Beak attack= Rock


Roosters are amazing creatures that players may utilize in the Arena (PvP), on adventures, and against epic monsters, and they can be bred with Hens to produce additional Roosters.

Each Rooster has different stats, which makes them unique. Also, gamers can raise their stats by training; however, only the base stats and NFT Rooster can be stored on-chain. The stats are Vitality (VIT/HP), Wing attack (WATK), Beak attack (BATK), Claw attack (CATK), Dodge chance (SPD), and Critical chance (AGRO).

Free Starter Roosters

If a player does not receive an Egg, they can still participate in the game using Starter Roosters and gain some experience. Also, this type of Rooster can’t be used in PvP mode and can only be used in Adventure mode.

As the game begins, the player will be presented with three eggs from which to select one. Every egg will contain a generic starter rooster with few abilities. Starter Roosters are in-game and non-tradeable.

NFT Roosters (Pure Breed)

To ensure their exclusive availability in the market, pure-bred roosters can only be obtained through the Egg-Sale. These NFT Roosters are categorized not by rarity but by breed, base stats, and appearance. The statistics of NFT Roosters are higher than those of Starter Roosters.

NFT Egg-sale is available in the Marketplace, where users can mint eggs using $USDc.

NFT Roosters are Swansons, Kelians, Rotundan, Hatch, Greybacks, Claira, Redheart, Pylia, Jonians, and Henis.

Rooster Wars Tokenomics

The Token is based on a token-burning mechanism and a token supply cap that promotes a closed-loop economic system.

The “sinks” for Tokens and the eradication of the token supply are important themes in Rooster Wars. The Token’s inflation rate takes the development of the protocol into account and is made to cater to the requirements of the players.

The protocol’s Burning mechanism is based on a predetermined share of player Token expenditures.

Rooster Wars’ in-game cryptocurrency is Gallonium.

Tokens can be exchanged for $Gallonium within the game itself. $Gallonium is non-transferable, and it is on a Rooster basis. Players can use the Token in PvP and Rooster Training.

Note: According to its Whitepaper, in light of the current market conditions, Rooster Wars has decided to postpone the release of the Token to preserve the Token’s value, protect the interests of all parties involved, and prevent the Token from being farmed and sold unnecessarily upon its release.

In its place, Rooster Wars will implement a community-optimizable mechanism for generating income through Stablecoins.

Play-to-earn with Rooster Wars

By subscribing to this Rooster Wars NFT Play-to-earn and Free-to-play game, players can contribute to the gaming reward pool and promote healthy Token circulation. The transaction fees from the Marketplace will also contribute to the total pot.

Each play style, and the game as a whole, offers players the chance to acquire in-game currency. However, most of the awards are awarded in PvP mode, where a considerable earning potential exists.

Completing Adventure mode levels is yet another method of gaining rewards. For their efforts, players will be rewarded with the Token and several NFTs, such as Gems and GAFFs, which may be used to either increase the player’s profit or the Rooster’s base attributes.

Seasonal awards are split between the top 10 players and the top challengers. In this case, rewards will be distributed on an individual account basis.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Rooster Wars!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Rooster Wars

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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