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Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse based in the year 2620. In this distant future, three major factions have emerged; (1)The MUD Territory governed by humankind, (2)The ONI Region as a consortium of alien races, and (3)The Ustur Sector controlled by sentient androids.

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Star Atlas Game Review

Star Atlas is an upcoming space-themed role-playing video game built on the Solana Blockchain (SOL). This play-to-earn game project aims to combine the best elements of games such as EVE Online, Elite Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program, and many others into one single experience.

Nanite, part of blockchain technology and Unreal Engine 5, enables cinematic-quality images to be rendered in real-time, bringing games closer to the experience of going to the movies and bringing hype to the community.

The game takes place in a futuristic setting where players take on the role of a player character and explore the vastness of the Star Atlas virtual world. They will encounter different alien races, participate in battles and engage in trading activities.

Players will be able to customize their ship and upgrade it over time. Each race has unique ships and weapons, allowing players to build their gameplay style.

In addition to the core gameplay, several optional missions allow players to earn extra credits and unlock additional items. These include escort missions, bounty hunting, mining operations, and combat missions.

Game Mechanics

In early 2018, the Star Atlas team began developing the game’s core features. In addition to creating a realistic universe, the developers had to work out how to implement many different elements into the game. They also needed to figure out how to ensure that in-game assets could move freely without breaking physics.

While Star Atlas is in its infant stages, the developers are already planning to add a wide variety of useful features to the game. These include player interaction, trade systems, mining, crafting, and more.


The battle against the alien invaders continues in Star Atlas. You must build up your forces and destroy the enemy bases. In addition to destroying the enemy bases, you are tasked with capturing the enemy settlements.

You control a starship and must travel across space and land on planets to capture the enemy strongholds. Spacecraft has its strengths and weaknesses.

Players can either remain anonymous or sign up to become a member of Star Atlas, allowing them to interact with others while retaining their privacy. They can also form alliances and create corporations that act like sovereign nations within the Star Atlas ecosystem.

Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs)

Star Atlas NFT game is a decentralized gaming experience where people can play games without being restricted to specific platforms or devices or even having to download anything. All that’s required is a web browser, and a player is good to go.

Star Atlas NFTs

The blockchain gaming industry has been growing exponentially since its inception. Although numerous games are being developed across different platforms, none of them can compare to what Star Atlas offers.

This decentralized universe allows players to build anything they want – from spaceships to mining equipment to building bases on the NFT Marketplace. You could even design your collectible spaceship and sell it to others.

Each ship in Star Atlas has its purpose and characteristics. For example, some spacecraft are designed exclusively for combat, while others are meant to explore planets. Some are built to mine asteroids, while others are intended to protect the planet against asteroid attacks. And some are just collectibles. Hundreds of thousands of Non-fungible Tokens have already been created by first-time players on Star Atlas.

Players can buy and sell items where it can be bought with real currency or in-game Star Atlas Utility Token.

The game is still in development and is scheduled to release soon. However, some interesting in-game assets have already been put up for sale on the in-game NFT marketplace. These include ships, weapons, minerals, and even creatures. Currently, there is a mini-game you may play in your browser, but it will cost you some NFTs to do so.

Deep Space Exploration

You’ll be able to go anywhere you want, whether just looking at the surface of a planet or venturing deeper into space.

There are many different types of stars, each with its unique properties. Some contain rare elements, while others are filled with gas giants. You can get to any star in the Star Atlas metaverse if you know how to navigate.

Grand Strategy

The game offers three unique game modes, each of which provides a unique take on the gameplay. Each mode focuses on one aspect of the gameplay experience:

Story Mode: A story-driven campaign allows players to follow the rise and fall of a single civilization over several generations.

Sandbox Mode: Sandbox mode gives players complete freedom to design their galactic empire. With no restrictions on how many planets you can occupy, what type of fleet you can deploy, or what technology you can research.

Free Play Mode: Free play mode offers a sandbox environment without limits on exploration or population growth. This mode lets players try out some of the game’s most powerful units and technologies without worrying about repercussions later.

All three modes offer real-time multiplayer support, allowing players to compete head-to-head in battles across vast expanses of space.

Star Atlas Tokenomics

Star Atlas stands apart from the competition thanks to its innovative use of a dual-token system and SerumDEX’s state-of-the-art smart contract technology. $ATLAS is the in-game currency of the Star Atlas ecosystem, whereas $POLIS is a governance token.

Michael Wagner, the co-founder of Star Atlas, draws on years of experience in the banking sector to provide the Metaverse with secure token economics.

Star Atlas aspires to deliver economic sustainability that is good for participants in the long and short terms.

Atlas Token

Atlas token (ERC20), the in-game currency in the Star Atlas ecosystem, enables players to buy and sell items and services within the game.

The Atlas token will first be used to purchase spacecraft, crew members, and other digital assets in the Metaverse. Players can get Atlas as a reward after completing in-game objectives and tasks.

Players can claim in-game assets like Atlas for real-world money or exchange it for another cryptocurrency. This allows them to monetize their activities and earn additional income outside the game.

Fuel, provisions, tool kits, and ammunition are all necessities for ships to complete missions. All these are available for purchase using ATLAS on the Star Atlas marketplace.

Polis Token

The Polis token (ERC-20) governs the Star Atlas ecosystem and grants its holders a voice in the game and real-world economy.

Players with Polis tokens can run whatever part of the game’s Metaverse, regardless of who owns the digital assets there. In territories they govern, players who yield Polis tokens will be able to levy taxes, establish policies, and make laws, all of which must be obeyed by their fellow players.

In reality, those who have Polis tokens will have a say in how Star Atlas is built and what policies are implemented. All holders have a say in the future of the Metaverse and can suggest modifications to the game, provide input on inflation rates, staking, and more. Polis tokens will be distributed in-game and private token sales, allowing for secondary market trading like FTX.US.

Play-to-earn with Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a free-to-play space Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game where players can buy ships and enlist on missions to earn ATLAS. Players must purchase a ship before being able to send it on missions.

Star Atlas currently does not offer PvP combat like many other games. However, the developers promise future features that allow players to fight each other in battle royale-style matches.

You’ll be able to deposit your hard-earned loot from conquering new territory, selling NFTs, or making a profit at your space refueling station straight into your preferred DeFi platform or your “bank” in the Metaverse, as the technology and mechanics behind DeFi are being integrated directly into the online space.

These DeFi offerings are where gamers may take advantage of DeFi’s excellent yield on profits, loans, and other services.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Star Atlas!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Phantom wallet.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Star Atlas

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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