GuildFi aspires to create an interconnected ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities, to maximize players’ benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse.

About GuildFi

The GuildFi platform is a decentralized game economy protocol built on Ethereum (ETH). GuildFi provides a unified identity system, a tokenized reputation mechanism, and a decentralized data exchange to connect gamers and developers. GuildFi aims to build a global network of games, collectibles, and experiences.

GuildFi is a Web3 ecosystem that facilitates safe play-to-earn game interactions between players, communities, investors, and NFTs. The team is building a decentralized network of a gaming community where gamers can earn rewards while playing video games.

The vision is to provide infrastructure, advice, and scholarships to alleviate new players’ barriers to the blockchain space. The fully integrated games in GuildFi are CyBall, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox.

Its primary mission is to build an interconnected ecosystem where players can easily find each other, play different quests together and enable interoperability within the metaverse. GuildFi provides a decentralized marketplace for digital assets, a secure payment system, and a global game rating system.

GuildFi ID (GFID): Your GuildFi ID serves as a metaverse passport, linking all your accounts and making your lifetime of accomplishments accessible anywhere in the metaverse. It opens the doors to the entire GuildFi ecosystem and speeds up your progress.

GuildFi Founders

Jarindr Thitadilaka is the Co-Founder of GuildFi, a decentralized ecosystem of games based on blockchain technology. He is the Chief Technology Officer of Cryptomind Group Holdings, a leading blockchain consulting firm.

He is also a Senior Engineer at OMG Network, where he leads the team responsible for creating OMG coin and OMG protocol integrations and libraries. He has prior experience as a Team Lead at the massive cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

GuildFi, Thailand’s leading decentralized gaming ecosystem, raised USD 10 million in Series A funding led by Pantera Capital, one of the most successful cryptocurrency venture capital firms globally. This financing round brings total investments of USD 20 million since 2018.

The team developed several infrastructure solutions to achieve this goal, such as a decentralized exchange, a crypto wallet, and a reputation system. These tools help make the experience easier and for developers and players’ benefits.

Strong and fruitful projects are built on a foundation of committed backers, investors, and contributors: DeFiance Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands, #Hashed, Binance, Alameda Research, Pantera, Dapper, Play Ventures, Coin98, and Skyvision Capital.

GuildFi Scholarship Program

Players recognize the opportunity cost of entering the market because of the substantial costs associated with starting a new business. You may play for free in certain games, while you have to pay for others. The guild scholarship system was created to help low-income players who wanted to participate in games with high initial investment expenses.

To lower the barrier to entrance, the gaming guild concept entails giving assets (NFTs) to the recruited scholars so they can immediately begin playing and earning. As a GameFi business model, the guild is groundbreaking.

To do this, it is necessary to cultivate a community of many distinct player types who share common goals within the game. In addition to helping individual players, guilds help games by bringing in big groups of new players.

GF Tokenomics

The GF token is built on ERC-20 standards. It is a utility token native to the GuildFi ecosystem.

According to its Whitepaper (https://whitepaper.guildfi.com/), there is a total supply of 1,000,000,000. It is traded on major crypto exchanges such as KuCoin, OKEx, Binance, HitBTC, EtherDelta, etc.

A fully decentralized DAO is the end goal for GuildFi. The DAO will function at peak efficiency since it is based on a decentralized paradigm, ensuring that each user’s needs are considered. As a result, users with a larger number of tokens are incentivized to make choices that are good for the network.

Also, token holders can easily acquire additional $GF tokens by staking them on the GuildFi platform.

Players are granted added benefits from playing GuildFi games, including NFT and token purchases. There are other point-based modes like “PoW” and “PoR,” in which players can advance in the game by performing certain tasks. These points are converted into GuildFi Tokens, which can later be used to purchase items in the GuildFi store.

The Proof-of-Play (PoP) system allows players to gain additional rewards, such as GuildFi Points (GXP), based on how many hours they spend playing GuildFi games.

Guild Details

Founded Date:

August 2021


Jarindr Thitadilaka – Founder

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