How to Play Axie Infinity: Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated November 11, 2022

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Every gamer has entertained the thought of making money from their hobby. Still, in the traditional gaming industry, this is something that professionals can only accomplish.

But things change rapidly in the cryptocurrency market and are just becoming viable today due to the P2E (Play to Earn) business model.

Gamers who are also crypto fans may now compete against other players (PvP) or the game’s environment (PvE) for real money, thanks to the integration of blockchain gaming technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into video games.

Axie Infinity is currently recognized as a front-runner and one of the most-played NFT games in its category. Following the instructions here, you’ll have a much better understanding of what Axie Infinity is, its tokens, and how to get started playing.

What is Axie Infinity?

In Axie Infinity, players lead teams of adorable monsters known as Axies into combat against one another.

The Ronin sidechain, which works above the Ethereum blockchain, was used to construct the game to cut down on transaction delays and associated costs. It focuses heavily on turn-based battles against AI-controlled teams of Axie or real-time opponents over the internet.

NFT tokens are cryptographically unique and can be linked to digital content, such as Axies and land plots in Axie Infinity. The NFT grants ownership, unlike regular in-game items; you can sell your Axies on the game’s marketplace for cash.

By breeding Axies, you can increase the potential strength of your team and obtain more Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to trade or sell.

What Makes Axie Infinity Unique?

The concept of Axie Infinity is similar to that of Pokémon, but it adds the sense of ownership that made the latter so popular. Axie Infinity can be considered a “real-world” version of the popular digital game. The benefits of these Axies are yours to keep. Cryptocurrency tokens like Smooth Love Potion (SLP) can be traded for fiat currency.

The game’s high entry price will put many players off, but those who put in the time and effort will be rewarded.

Axie owners can earn rewards by lending their NFTs to other players, creating a large scholarship program community of “Axie scholars.” Axie is a means of subsistence for many people in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.

Land of Axie Infinity

The Axie universe is called Lunacia, and it’s an open world where players control the story and the environment. Non-fungible tokens represent individual parcels of land that can be owned, leased, and developed by participants.

The grid size in Lunacia is 301×301. Each cell is a token for a piece of real estate.

Axie Infinity’s Tokens: AXS and SLP

Before getting started, you must familiarize yourself with the game’s two tokens, the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and the Small Love Potion (SLP).

Players can use in-game currency, like Smooth Love Potions (SLP) or Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), to make purchases in the real world. The game is playable on various devices and operating systems, such as iOS, PC, Android, and MAC.

SLP Token

As the name implies, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the primary token earned after each successful battle in Axie. You can use it to raise your unique Axie creatures, which you can then list for sale or auction off in the Axie Infinity Marketplace. 

Unlike AXS tokens, there is no finite number of SLP tokens in circulation.

Axie Infinity is a decentralized exchange for the Ronin network where SLP may be swapped for other tokens. The DEX aims to make it possible for any participant in the ecosystem to buy, sell, and exchange virtual goods and other cryptocurrencies, such as wETH (wrapped Ether) and USD Coin (USDC).

AXS Token

Recognizing their efforts throughout Axie Infinity’s seasons, the game’s top players are awarded an ERC-20 utility token known as AXS. The shortage of AXS has led to many players offering SLP in exchange for the resource.

In other words, AXS token holders are entitled to vote and submit proposals on governance token matters. Bets made with AXS can earn in-game rewards and unlock premium options.

One can benefit from purchasing AXS in several ways, including increased visibility within the ecosystem, participation in the system’s decision-making process, and a share of the redistribution of funds.

Tokens backed by Bitcoin may be acquired on various centralized markets, including Binance, Huobi, FTX, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, and others.

You may also get AXS and SLP through a decentralized exchange like Uniswap and move them to your Ronin wallet over the Ronin Bridge.

Here is a reliable, non-custodial option for storing money:

MetaMask Wallet: Non-custodial wallets are becoming increasingly popular, but this one stands apart from the rest.

Coinbase Wallet: Their non-custodial wallet is extremely user-friendly and has a built-in fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange.

Trust Wallet: This is another widely used, non-custodial wallet with an easy-to-navigate UI.

MyEtherWallet: MEW, as it is commonly known, is an industry veteran and one of the most well-known Web3 wallets.

Playing Axie Infinity

To participate in the game, you must first register a Ronin wallet. After you’ve created your Ronin wallet, registering is a breeze. Enter an email address and verify your account via that address.

A Guide to Downloading and Setting Up Your Ronin Wallet

Your account has been activated, but to play the game, you’ll first need to download it to your computer.

  1. To begin, visit axieinfinity.com and click on “Getting Started.”
Make a Ronin wallet and install it as an app or browser extension.
  1. Use your three Axies and organize your team; you will use these characters extensively in both the Adventure and Arena game modes. 

If you want to acquire more Axies, the Axie Infinity Marketplace may be found on the third screen of the procedure.

  1. Select “Marketplace” in the top left corner.
  1. You are going to proceed to the online auction site. You’ll be able to view all of the Axies currently available for purchase in this section.
  2. Know the fundamentals of each Axie species before you go out and buy them.

The nine types of Axies are Reptile, Plant, Dusk, Aquatic, Mech, Bird, Dawn, Beast, and Bug. There are six distinguishing characteristics of an Axie, and four combine to form its overall score. 

Each Axies has a maximum potential points statistics. Here are the statistics:

HP (Health Points): boosts your Axie’s health points.

Speed: Determines the attack speed of your Axie and impacts the attack order; the quickest Axie attacks first each round until it is defeated.

Skill: The more skillful you are, the more damage your Axie deals and the more defenses it generates when your cards are played in a combo or chain.

Morale: It raises your chances of landing a critical hit, the damage of those critical strikes, and the number of bars in Land Stand, a temporary lifeline extension.

The mouth, eyes, back, tail, head, and ears make up Axie’s body parts. Only four of the six parts (the mouth, the forehead, the back, and the tail) will affect the outcomes of your available cards.

When it’s your turn to make an attack, you’ll use and prepare these cards in any combination you see fit, or you might even use them singly.

Axie Infinity Game Modes

Veteran players typically only need a few matches to grasp the fundamentals of Axie Infinity. However, Axie Infinity’s gameplay may be too complicated for those who are just starting.

The two main gameplay modes are Adventure and Arena.

Adventure Mode

Players recommend starting on Adventure mode if you’re curious about the game but have never played it before.

The creatures will be waiting for you across several levels in this mode. There are two bosses to defeat within these levels. From the get-go, players can acquire SLP by dominating in this mode.

Arena Mode

Complete the Adventure mode levels to prove your prowess as a gamer. It’s time to fish in the Arena mode, where there are more players and more action.

Arena game mode pits you against other players and their team of Axies in a free-for-all battle. By defeating enemies and racking up victories, you can earn SLPs and XP.

Gaining SLP through Farming entails completing daily quests to receive rewards, such as completing battles in Adventure and Arena. If you meet all of these requirements each day, you will receive SLP.

Attacks in both modes are coordinated and turn-based by the opposing players. You can use the row of cards to make a combo and launch an attack.

After completing your daily tasks, head to the Quests section to collect your SLP. The winner of a match receives SLPs, with the highest MMR player receiving the largest share.

Is Playing Axie Infinity Free?

New Axie players often question the cost of starting the Axie Infinity game or how to earn Axie Infinity SLP through the play-to-earn game.

Axie Infinity is a free-play-to-earn game.

With the Origin update, gamers will access a new fighting system with lightning-fast combat and three free beginning Axies, allowing them to try out Axie Infinity without spending a dime.

Axie Infinity: Origin

The newest version of Axie Infinity metaverse, titled Origin, introduces various improvements to the user interface, game mechanics, art, effects, lore, and narratives.

Unlike the previous iteration, in which players selected their cards simultaneously at the start of a round, the new iteration features sequential turns, in which PvP uses their cards in turn.

The game’s mobile version has not yet been released and is only accessible through Mavis Hub. Go to welcome.skymavis.com/download on your computer to get the game.

After that, download and install the game using your previously established account information from the Marketplace, which has now been transferred to the Sky Mavis account system.

To update your Origin to the latest version of NFT Axies, select “Axie” and then click “Sync” in the top right, just as you would on V2.

Your objective is to use your Axies to win the game. Typically, there are 18 cards in a deck of playing cards. At the beginning of each turn, a new hand of five cards is dealt to you. To use a card in a game, you must have enough Energy to do so.

You must end your turn when you have no more Energy or no more Cards to play. After your turn, you must discard any unused Cards and Energy. 

You can tell if your Axies have active Status Effects by the floating icons above their heads.

Breeding Axies and Earning Money from It

Reproduction does not come at a cost. Axie will charge you in SLP and AXS for this service, with the cost increasing proportionally to the number of times the Axie has been bred.

The value of your Axies depends on rarity, purity, and body parts. Prices for Axies can range from several thousand dollars.

The Axie Marketplace is where you can sell your Axies. To use your Ronin wallet, you must first link it to your account.

Axie Infinity’s popularity demonstrates that gamers can combine work and play for financial gain. Together, NFTs and blockchain technology promise a thriving ecosystem in which gaming and distributed ledger technology can thrive.

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