Axie Infinity Origin Meta Axies, Runes & Charms

Last Updated September 12, 2023

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Axie Infinity remains one of the most vibrant gaming ecosystems, and understanding its nuances is essential for both novice and seasoned players. With the continuous evolution of strategies, abilities, and in-game items, players must stay updated to maximize their earnings. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the current Axie Infinity meta, runes, charms, and crafting.

There is a “meta” in Axie, just like in any other game. Meta refers to the best strategies for winning a game. The most popular Axie team composition involves a single Plant and two Damage Dealers.

Meta Axies: Axie Infinity Origin

Beginner players should focus on the meta before branching out to explore different builds. You may still be successful at Axie without blindly following the meta. The team composition is completely up to the players. In the end, how you choose to play is what matters most.

Meta Team Compositions for Player vs. Player (PVP)

The most commonly seen and well-balanced team compositions in Axie are:

  • Plant, Beast, Bird
  • Plant, Beast, Aqua
  • Plant, Aqua, Aqua

The following are the top four strongest team compositions for Arena, which you should choose if you want to improve your game and go up the leaderboards.

Backdoor Poison Build

The opposing party has a lot to worry about with this team. This combo consistently poisons the opponent and deals much damage thanks to the barb attack.

The Cute Bunny Team

When used with Bug Signal and Cute Bunny, Axies become devastating offensive machines with respectable defensive capabilities. Put it along with energy theft and discard cards, and your opponent will be no match for you.

This arrangement is useful for defending against dusks, plants, and reptiles and causes the opponent to miss certain assaults.


This is undeniably a powerful build in the current meta. The aquatic Axie may now swarm their enemies’ defenses and apply poison easily. You can take a more defensive stance and wait for the poison to weaken the opposition before rushing in with your reptile.

Double Anemone

Currently, this is one of the most popular team compositions in Axie. The opposition will be easy prey for this lineup to outplay and manage.

A team of two Aquas with healing abilities can take significant hits while your Bird deals devastating damage to the enemy.

Top PVP Arena Axies

When putting together a formidable Arena team, it’s important to consider not only the team’s overall Axie but also the Axies of its members. While some Axies are more suited to Adventure Mode and casual play, some are better suited to competitive play.

The following are some of the best Axies for use in Arena Mode.

RIMP Beast

Having a Beast Axie with Aquatic/Bird senses can let you outrun Reptiles and Dusks. This Axie not only deals respectable damage but also allows you to direct your opponent’s energy flow, making it more difficult for him to plan.

The extra damage that Beast cards deal to Plant, Dusk, and Reptile axies make this construct a terrible choice for Plant Tanks.


The primary goal of this build is to apply poison stacks with a burst of damage using shrimp and gaudy worms against the enemy backline. 

This build is most effective when combined with an Axie that can eliminate the enemy tank and a tank Axie that can keep you alive long enough to gather your combo components.


Additionally, the plans for the Terminator Build are stored on this Axie. This Axie’s ability set is particularly potent, as it includes not one but two stun skills, making it very tough for your opponents to land strikes. This build improves durability and speed when applied to an Axie of the Dusk type.

With Mystic Rush, you can outrun your opponent in a one-on-one fight by temporarily slowing down time for everyone else but you. The only thing that can stop this Dusk’s insane damage output is the presence of Gravel Ant.

Discard Bug

Discard Bug’s main strength is that it repeatedly stuns enemies and causes them to discard their abilities, leaving them defenseless. Additionally, with the aid of a third look and sunder claw, you can discard two of your opponent’s cards at the end of each round.

PVP Meta Cards

To succeed in Arena Mode, you must have access to the most powerful possible cards. These are some of the best cards to have for PVP based on energy cost, added effects, and PVP usage:

Terror Chomp: This remains one of the finest meta cards thanks to the fear debuff it offers that last for two turns.

Sugar Rush: The popularity of Bug class Axies means that you may want to equip Sugar Rush on the horn of your damage-dealing Axie to cope with tanky Axies (Plant, Reptile, and Dusk).

Anesthetic Bait: Anesthetic Bait has increased defenses. If attacked by an Axie of the Aquatic or Bird class, it will deal double damage and stun the attacker.

Prickly Trap: The total damage done by this card has been boosted slightly due to the enhancement.

All-out Shot: Even after being nerfed, the All-out Shot remains a playable card due to its huge damage and 0 cost.

Swift Escape: A powerful Speed+ card that can swing the tide of a one-on-one match. Highly effective at ensuring that you take the initiative in any conflict, especially against aquatic Axies.

Strategies for Countering Meta In PVP

Recognize the Enemy’s Energy Level and Playing Style

In Axie Infinity, there is no clear strategy for dealing with any given card. Instead, you need to know how to keep track of your energy and read your opponent’s cards to defeat them. This allows you to plan for their actions and counter any possible combos they may use.

Understanding Buffs and Debuffs

It also requires a fundamental understanding of the game’s many buffs and debuffs.

Every Axie has its unique areas of vulnerability with advantages and disadvantages, and players must not lose sight of that.

Figure out What Makes a Winning Arena Team

Opposing enemy Axies in the metagame helps to know the types of builds they might be playing. This means that knowing card possibilities, team compositions, etc., is sufficient knowledge to win matches on its own.

Before entering the Arena, carefully research all the possible build configurations of the most common Axies.

Runes: Axie Infinity Origin

Attaching a rune to an Axie grants that Axie has exceptional abilities. Only 1 Rune per Axie can be installed, and they are only available through Crafting.

The effects of a rune are passive, meaning that they are used without the user’s input.

Among the many attributes associated with each Rune are:

Class: Beast, Plant, Aqua, Bug, Reptile, Bird, Mech, Dusk, Dawn, and Neutral

Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Mystic

Attaching a Rune to an Axie of the appropriate Class is required for installation. So, for instance, Reptile runes can only be used with Reptile Axies.

There are unique Runes that players can only gain through certain game modes and special events and cannot be produced.

Runes can be either NFT or Non-NFT

Seasonal and Nonseasonal Runes

Seasonal Runes are added to the game at the beginning of each new season. Nonseasonal Runes exist as well, but new ones are released infrequently. 

Some Seasonal Runes will retire each season to make room for the new ones. However, Nonseasonal Runes will never be put out of commission. You should also know that nonseasonal runes are not as powerful as seasonal ones.

You can still keep your collection of Deprecated Runes or disenchant them for Moonshards and SLP even though you can no longer utilize them in crafting or combat.

Neutral Runes

A player’s Axie can be upgraded in unique ways with the help of the Axie Origin Neutral Runes. These runes add a passive benefit that has special consequences. On the other hand, only one Rune per Axie can be active at a time.

If the runes are equipped properly, an Axie will receive a class bonus that increases its base statistics. 

Equipping Runes

Each Axie has one available Rune Slot, which can be filled with a Rune of the same Class or a Neutral Rune. For instance, one Beast Rune or Neutral Rune can be equipped with a Beast Axie.

Launch the game and navigate to an Axie profile page to equip a Rune. Runes can be selected from your Inventory by tapping the corresponding vacant slot.

Remember that you can store multiples of the same Rune in your Inventory.

NFT Runes

There are two types of runes: NFT and non-NFT.

You can only use Non-NFT Runes in-game; they can’t be bought or sold in the Market. Runes that are not NFT are all Neutral Class.

However, NFT Runes can be bought and sold in the Marketplace. The NFT Runes each have unique Classes and require crafting materials to mint.

Charms: Axie Infinity Origin

Charms are unique in-game items that players can use to enhance or add new abilities to their Axie cards. Charms’ ability to lessen an Axie Card’s energy requirement is one of their strongest functions. Other than that, Charms can boost fundamentals like HP and DMG. Each Axie Card can only hold a single Charm.

Class Charms and Neutral Charms are the two categories of Charms.

Class Charms: Only abilities of the same class can have a Class Charm attached to them.

Neutral Charms: A Neutral Charm, as opposed to a Class Charm, can be attached to any skill.

Remember that its Potential Points will decrease for each Charm that Axie equips.

Some rare Charms are unobtainable through normal means in the game. They are only obtainable through special events and game types.

Classes: Dusk, Dawn, Plant, Mech, Neutral, Bird, Aqua, Beast, Bug, and Reptile.

Rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Mystic.

In-game materials, such as Moon Shards, can be used to create certain Charms. Most other Charms are only obtainable through special events and in-game incentives.

Seasonal and Nonseasonal Charms

Each new season will bring a variety of new Seasonal Charms, while some of the previous ones will be eliminated. Although they are useless in combat or crafting, Deprecated Charms can still be stored in a collection.

In upcoming gaming seasons, nonseasonal charms will not be phased out.

Equipping Charms

In Axie, one Charm of the same Class can be equipped on each of the six Cards. For instance, a Reptile Card can have either a Reptile Charm or a Neutral Charm installed.

Activate the game and head to an Axie profile to add a Charm. Select a Charm from your Inventory by tapping the Cards button, then tapping an empty slot.

Note: Players can store multiples of the same Charm in their Inventory.

Potential Points (PP)

An Axie needs enough Potential Points to equip a Charm. Each Charm an Axie equips consumes one of their Potential Points; these points are restored when the Charm is removed.

If an Aquatic Charm has a Potential Cost of 3, an Axie needs at least three free Aquatic Potential Points to equip it.

Potential Points for an Axie are determined by the number of body parts, with a bonus for having three or more of the same class.

NFT Charms

The two types of charms are NFT and non-NFT.

There is no way to sell or buy Non-NFT Charms on the Market; they can only be used in-game. Charms that aren’t NFT are typical of the Neutral Class.

However, NFT Charms can be bought and sold in the Market. Charms minted from NFTs also have their Class designations and requisite crafting materials to mint.

Runes and Charms: Crafting Guide

Crafting runes and charms will be an option in Axie Infinity: Origin. Axies can strengthen their combat effectiveness by equipping Runes and Charms, increasing their capabilities.

Crafting Basics 

Crafting is a feature that converts earned in-game items into Runes and Charms. The primary crafting materials are Moon Shard and SLP.

The runes and charms crafted solely from Moon Shard will be Sealed, meaning they cannot be exported or traded with other players.

In the Sealed form, runes and charms lose their class restrictions and can be used by any Axie.

ERC-1155 tokens (or Ronin runes and charms) created with Moon Shard and SLP can be traded between players on the Marketplace. Players may use this technique to make runes and charms that are both class-specific and neutral.

When you use SLP and a Moon Shard in your crafting, you effectively exclude any possibility of making common runes or charms.

It is completely random what you will make, and Runes are considerably rarer than Charms, so it may take a lot of crafting to get one.

There are currently four tiers of crafting available to players. Players can create increasingly rare items as they level up and access higher levels of crafting.

Utility Items

In addition to crafting, players can earn utility items by ranking in PvP mode.

Players can earn Moon Dust Basic, Epic, Mystic, and Moonstones by advancing in rank and level. You can add these things to your crafting supplies to improve your chances of creating Epic, Rare, and Mystic runes and charms.


Players will have the ability to disenchant unwanted runes and charms. Runes and Charms that are disenchanted yield crafting materials and are removed from the player’s Inventory.

Runes and Charms, active and inactive, can be disenchanted by players, albeit doing so will reduce the amount of crafting materials they get. If you disenchant a Rune or Charm that is currently active, you will get more materials than if you disenchant one that is inactive.

It’s important to remember that after resources have been disenchanted, their cost will be much lower than before.

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