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Guilds help fellow members to earn more via various Metaverse crypto games, help with strategies, and invest in emerging projects with great potential.

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You might have heard about scholarships and guilds before as they are becoming common for play to earn games.

Crypto gaming guilds are usually NFT investors who have invested in assets of a game and they then rent them out to scholars as a scholarship.

This is great for both guild managers and scholars as they mutually benefit and share profits in games.

What is a Play to Earn gaming guild?

Quite simply, managers allow scholars to use their gaming assets to play the game and then share profits. For example in Axie Infinity you need 3 Axies to play the game. Guilds will allow you to use 3 of their Axies to play Axie Infinity and then they take a cut of the profits.

In most cases the guild will take 20-30% and the scholar will get 70-80% of the profits.

Why use a Play to Earn gaming guild?

There are a number of reasons to use a guild, it reduces your risk as you don’t have to buy the assets within a game. For example if you wanted to try out a new game you could simply join a guild and start right away.

Some games have a high cost to get started and to have assets within the game that would be “competitive”. For example the cheapest Axies in Axie Infinity won’t be able to get high ranked as they are weaker.

Crypto gaming guilds usually have great infrastructure to help you succeed as it’s in their best interest for you to do as well as possible because they share in the profits.

Guilds have become very competitive since they have become more popular, but we highly recommend using a guild if you want to try out new games and start playing games without investing.

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