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Created by our founder Nathan Pay in 2021, Blu Ocean Games Guild (BOGG) aims to be a unique web3 game guild with a primary focus on Heroes of Mavia as well as many other top tier Play-To-Earn Games.

About BOGG

Blu Ocean Games Guild aims to be your one-stop blockchain shop for everything related to the Play-to-Earn protocol. Everything you need to know, from gameplay to ROI calculations to the most recent findings.

Blu Ocean Games Guild is a fully staffed gaming guild consisting of over twenty people from all over the world who share the same passion for this area and want to build a community via shared gaming, research, and development.

The Guild understands that most of the audience is unfamiliar with play-to-earn and cryptocurrencies. The mission is to help newcomers to the crypto ecosystem feel at home by providing clear and concise information and animation on all things about crypto.

They aim to be a collaboration of players or a group of people who play games together for various reasons in the Play-To-Earn arena, such as friendly competition, web3 education, a shared sense of purpose, or assistance in learning how to play specific games.

Their graded in-game alliances that range from esports rank to casual dungeon fights are Heroes of Mavia, The Bornless (FPS game), Karmaverse: Zombie, and many more.

In addition, the Blu Ocean Games Guild announced that Heroes of Mavia will be the primary Play-to-Earn title. The Guild’s concentration will be on Mavia, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also active with games like Farmers World and Bomb Crypto. They want to incentivize BOGG’s competitive teams through prizes, raffles, and other activities to boost morale and enthusiasm among gaming community members.

Blu Ocean Games Guild Founders

The founder, Nathan Pay, established Blu Ocean Games Guild (BOGG) in 2021, located in Calgary, Canada, to create a special web3 gaming community centered on Heroes of Mavia and other top-tier Play-to-Earn Games. He played professionally on games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty for four years.

BOGG is connected to the Blu Ocean Crypto Community, which has a strong reputation in the crypto space. Whether you’re just getting into NFT gaming or are a seasoned veteran, they encourage all gamers to join their social media platforms like Discord, listen to their Podcast (available for subscriptions on Vimeo or UBC News), and watch their YouTube Livestreams.

MMO RPG games like Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans motivated BOGG to enter the play-to-earn space. They are confident that the team leading the Heroes of Mavia project possesses the skills and charisma to make the game a success and establish the BOGG name as a household brand.

BOGG Scholarship Program

When Blu Ocean Crypto (BOC) Community and Blu Ocean Games Guild say “guild,” they mean both the web2 and web3 iterations of the traditional gaming community.

It is now focused on what the Guild can do on issues like how competitive gaming guilds prepare for a tense future. Furthermore, how can top-tier teams be formed if most web3 game guilds have an application or scholar process and divide earnings by letting a “scholar” use a lent-out NFT? 

They believe that most gaming Guilds will likely avoid or be unable to compete at a high level in many web3 games if this trend continues.

As a result, there are no open-enrollment scholar programs available for BOGG. This is not a condition to join the Guild, but it will be considered case-by-case if there is a mutually beneficial circumstance where the Guild can help a member with assets.

They recognize that many gaming guilds use the scholar model greatly and have the best respect for them. Nevertheless, they like to go farther. They will have many prizes, freebies, and other motivational tools to provide to the competing teams and the general public.

An excellent illustration is that F2P and paid players (those who have purchased the Land, Hero, or Statue NFTs) are welcome to join the Heroes of Mavia guild. Regardless of your motivations or end goals, Heroes of Mavia welcomes players of all stripes. 

Even their in-game alliances are structured in tiers, ranging from those reserved for serious esports players to those populated by casual players.

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