MetaGaming Guild


MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is a community-governed organization that focuses on purchasing NFTs for price appreciation or for renting out MGG-owned assets to global gamers worldwide. MGG leverages the use of these NFTs to yield maximum benefits to its community members.

About MGG

MetaGaming Guild, or MGG, is a revolutionary GameFi Guild driven to revolutionize the blockchain gaming community. The team comprises some of the industry’s most influential players, including a World Champion, professional streamer, and influencer, Mr. FuzzyWaffles.

He is joined by a group of passionate developers and designers committed to creating a better experience for all game players. They are building a decentralized ecosystem where everyone wins.

They are the first GameFi Guild to become a launchpad or crypto incubator for GameFi projects and introduce the first form of automated yield in blockchain gaming which became a trend in crypto gaming. The goal is to formalize NFT games and build an inclusive community where people can earn money while playing.

The Guild provides training, mentorship, and resources to help you achieve game finance freedom. They are driven to formalize P2E gaming and build an inclusive network of tactical gamers who actively Play-to-earn.

They hope to unite the two worlds of blockchain technology and digital entertainment. They think blockchain technology will drastically alter how we communicate and engage with one another.

They offer features that distinguish us from other crypto projects, such as a Decentralized Ecosystem, Play-to-Earn Model, and GameFi Vault for Yield Farming.

As a result of MGG’s strategic usage of NFTs, the community reaps the advantages to the fullest extent possible. MGG is largely based on DAO and was influenced by play-to-earn firms like Axie Infinity.

By leveraging blockchain technology, users can have unrestricted access to their virtual assets and conduct secure transactions from any location. More than just a game, MGG is a community of pioneers who are committed to reshaping the online economy by implementing innovative blockchain solutions. Besides being a group of strategic players, it also encourages using NFT staking.

Play-to-earn models driven by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology are what the developers of MGG think the gaming industry of the future will look like, hence a top reason for creating the Guild.

MetaGaming Guild Founders

The company’s creator, Andy Agnas, is a CPA consultant for various blockchain initiatives. He is the current CEO of SparkPoint Technologies Inc., the Philippines’ most trusted name in non-custodial wallet services, and a founding partner of SparkPoint Global Ventures.

The Guild would not be where it is today without the expertise of Hassn (Hatu) Sheikh, the Lead Advisor, COO Morris Perico, and Rico Zuniga, the Technical Advisor. Hatu is an expert analyst with the business intuition to identify expansion prospects in an omnichannel context.

On the other hand, Rico has worked in the technology industry for almost 20 years, holding senior positions in fields as varied as video games, education technology, electronic commerce, financial technology, and blockchain. Morris has extensive experience in marketing that concentrates on the social media sector.

MetaGaming Guild has already formed partnerships with several major players in the blockchain and gaming metaverse, including SparkPoint Global Ventures, DAO Maker, IceTea Labs, SparkPoint, GameFi, etc.

MetaGaming Guild Scholarship Program (MetaGamers)

MGG is a P2E initiative that invests in new and exciting gaming startups by purchasing their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which it then leases out to its player community via a live scholarship program.

Earn money by renting out NFT assets owned by MGG to users worldwide, where MGG receives a commission from the scholarship fund.

Also, token stakers can compensate for a portion of this. The Guild also provides the first automatic NFT yield by establishing a DeFi protocol for lending NFT game items to academics. They want to create opportunities beyond scholarships and empower the members to take control of their earnings.

MGG Tokenomics

Throughout the MGG ecosystem, MGG will serve as the primary utility currency. The token is an ERC20 and a BEP20, with a total supply of 1 Billion.

According to the Guild’s Whitepaper, it has an initial circulating supply with liquidity at 41,387,500 and an initial market cap of $5,794,250.

MetaGaming Guild’s native token was created for internal use and community management. Everyone with MGG tokens is a stakeholder in the MGG network and has the right to vote on major MGG issues. Its main function is liquidity rewards, community DAO, guild rewards, and gamer vaults.

You can visit the Guild’s listed cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi, Gate.io, Uniswap, and MEXC to see the real-time MetaGaming Guild price, trading volume, and the 24-hour all-time high. The token is also available in currencies such as ETH/USDT, MGG/USDT, and GT/USDT.

Guild Details

Founded Date:

August 2021


Morris Perico – COO

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