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UniX Gaming is an ecosystem and a platform to onboard new GameFi projects into their own Metaverse. We are a DAO that empowers gamers to have a voice on how they want the landscape of Play-And-Earn to be.

About Unix Gaming

UniX Gaming is a decentralized gaming guild ecosystem built on Ethereum smart contracts. This project aims to provide gamers with a safe and secure environment where they can earn rewards while playing crypto games.

The team behind UniX Gaming believes that the current gaming community lacks transparency and security, making it difficult for players and developers to make money. They aim to change this by creating a unique ecosystem that combines the best aspects of traditional games and cryptocurrencies.

Through prizes, activities, educational programs, and monetization, UniX wants to build a strong community where people can gather, enjoy themselves, and help improve their ecosystem. 

Gamers or non-gamers can use the P2E paradigm to earn crypto. Gamers can join the community and have access to training and administration through the scholarship system in place.

Final Round: Final Round serves as a trending springboard for success. They have teamed up with two titans of the industry: DAO Maker and SL2 Capital. Having partners like this is why Y Combinator-backed Delysium has agreed to launch the Final Round.

The goal in creating this UniX launching pad is to provide early access to cutting-edge games for the community and investors. With the release of Final Round, they are now the only Guild, launchpad, and (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) DAO all rolled into one. Updates have been implemented in preparation for the imminent release of UniX IGO Launchpad.

UniX Gaming Founders

CEO Mirko Basil and co-founder Erik Mayer and Joe Moore created the gaming guild platform.

From its humble beginnings as a gaming guild in June 2020 to its current status as the largest Play and Earn community in the Metaverse, with thousands of community members and scholars spread across 50+ Games, Unix Gaming has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

With the advent of blockchain technology, the team sees a shift towards decentralized applications. This change is bringing about a paradigm shift in how the Guild interacts with your favorite video games. It is possible to generate income from playing games without spending money, and this is what UniX Gaming seeks to do.

Only high-quality initiatives that can help shape the future of blockchain gaming will have support when exciting new blockchain games enter the market.

UniX Gaming Scholarship Program

UniX Gaming Scholarships are open to applicants around the world. They announced that they have already reached more than 1000 scholars and are still growing.

The growth has allowed them to offer opportunities for people across the globe to provide for themselves and those they love.

UniX Gaming aims to continue to grow and expand its scholarship program and soon accept applications for the second round of scholarships.

UNIX Tokenomics

UNIX token is based on the ERC20 standard, making it compatible with most wallets and exchanges. The token has a maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000.

UNIX tokens can be acquired through decentralized and centralized exchanges and purchased only with another cryptocurrency. This means you must acquire Ethereum (ETH) before purchasing the UniX Gaming token.

UNIX tokens can be traded on Uniswap V2, Binance, and Coinbase. The owned platform has adopted the UniX Gaming token as a means of governance and liquidity.

If you want to buy UniX Gaming tokens, check the UniX Gaming price, or know the token’s 24-hour trading volume, circulating supply, market cap, 24-hour all-time high, and price change in real-time, you can visit crypto exchanges like MEXC, CoinW, BKEX, and Bittrex.

Staking or renting NFTs has also been automated, saving participants time and effort. Players in many gameplay aspects can use these NFTs, and these digital assets have a certain purpose. These NFTs can be bought and sold on a specialized exchange. Based on the intended use, players can either buy, rent, or upgrade their NFTs.

In addition to being a social network where players can meet each other, engage in discussions, and form communities, UniX Gaming is a platform that allows players to earn Arena Points (AP), which can be converted into real currency. Players can use these AP to buy items in the marketplace, participate in tournaments, and even win prizes.

Guild Details

Founded Date:

October 2021



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