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Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move to earn NFT game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Built on Solana, Genopets game combines the nurture and evolution of Tamagotchi, the training and battling of Pokemon and the crafting and collecting of Animal Crossing,

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Genopets Game Review

Genopets is a free-to-play NFT game that encourages players to get up and earn virtual pets. The game is an MMORPG move-to-earn blockchain game built on the Solana blockchain.

You might think of a Genopet as a virtual pet whose game development and growth are intrinsically related to your own. Explore, Battle, and develop across the Genoverse powered by your daily steps while earning crypto in-game.

The active lifestyle is gamified in Genopets. Are you taking a stroll in the shopping center? Fitness center jogging? Whizzing about the workplace in between appointments? Your Genopet will be at your side during your physical activity tracking, keeping track of the steps that will provide you with in-game Energy.

According to the game’s whitepaper, the game is passively played but actively rewarded. The move-to-earn mechanic in Genopets is more than just a step counter and a reward system. To progress in the game, you must care daily for your digital pet by taking care of yourself.

You can play this move-to-earn game using a browser, android, and iOS platforms.

Game Mechanics

Genopets is a lot more entertaining than just a fitness app. Gamers will earn Energy, the game’s primary resource, daily by banking their accumulated Steps.

The core of Genopets is the emotional investment you make in your virtual pet, whose development and progress mirror your own.

Nurture and Evolution

The gameplay feature is taking care of, training, and playing with digital pets. Genopets metaverse uses these mechanisms to motivate you to exercise regularly in the real world.

If you turn your steps into Energy and XP, your Genopet will level up and evolve. An XP may be found in the NFT information of a Genopet, which is used to keep track of the rarity of Genopets on-chain. Genopets gain in-game power and rarity as they gain experience levels.

You may improve your Genopet’s disposition daily by playing mini-games themed around feeding, playing, and showing care for it. One practical inducement, in addition to more loving ones, is that happier Genopets will store Energy at a higher rate.


A Habitat is a terrarium that a Genopet lives in. From a gameplay viewpoint, Habitats grant access to the game’s premium features, giving players more options for how they may experience the game.

Habitats are not created ahead of time like many other NFTs; instead, they are constructed dynamically through a procedural process right before minting (Terraforming). That’s why you’ll never find two Habitats that are visually or functionally identical.

The Habitat Management section of the Genopets Mainframe may be found on the Inventory tab. Habitat owners may then do anything from there.


Genopets is a lifestyle enhancer that motivates you to make real-life positive changes. Put your daily Energy gains to good use in fights against other gamers from all around the world.

Turn-based fighting and mini-games will provide for relaxed yet compelling gameplay in Battle. Genopet bouts are a great way to test your reflexes, memory, and brainpower against other players.

Harvesting KI & Crafting

The more Habitats you have, the more options you’ll have in-game. You may participate in the most basic Move-to-Earn with a Habitat, which entails exchanging Energy for KI tokens.

Owners of habitats can also make new non-monetary items to use in-game. You may alter the look and powers of your Genopet by refining crystals and making things to utilize in recipes.

Free-to-play economies thrive on microtransactions. The objects made in a player’s habitat can be used by the player or sold on the in-game marketplace, sustaining the game developers’ economy.

Genopets Tokenomics

The two tokens used in Genopets are called KI tokens and GENE tokens, and they serve different purposes and have different uses inside the game.

GENE Token

The GENE Token is the governance and staking token for Genesis Genopet NFT sales. It can also be used for in-game valuable item production. Moreover, GENE can be staked for benefits and advantages in-game.

In addition to being utilized in special NFT sales, GENE Token may be used with KI to create high-quality in-game products. Investors in GENE Tokens will have a say in shaping the game’s future while benefiting from various active and passive incentives. GENE stakers can be on the whitelist for NFT seasonal drops.

Players can use GENE to skate rewards, exclusive Genesis drops, and Governance voting.

To purchase Genopets NFT, you must acquire some Ethereum (ETH) from whichever platform you prefer.

KI Token

The KI Token serves as a form of currency within the game itself. Harvesting KI is possible for Habitat owners through the daily conversion of Energy. When expended, KI is destroyed, and daily KI gains are capped.

As a Habitat owner, you may convert Energy gained via banking procedures into KI currency, a tradable in-game utility token.

To level up your Genopet, you must convert KI back to Energy, which you may do by making and refining NFTs, building new Habitats, and speeding up the crafting process. More Habitats means more potential KI every day.

KI Token can be used for Crystal refinement, alchemy and crafting, and terraforming. Also, There is an airdrop of KI tokens among participants.

Play-to-earn with Genopets

Training your pet requires engaging in physical activities. Your pet can be sold once it reaches a specific level. Your pet’s value increases with its level. Genopets can also get experience by engaging in PvP battles with other users.

You can get your Genopet experience daily and earn $KI for your daily activity. The game’s habitat is a virtual setting with countless opportunities. It’s the perfect way to dive headfirst into the cryptocurrency mining experience while out for a stroll or exercise.

By exchanging Energy collected via Habitat banking for KI Tokens, players can advance in the game. You can earn GENE tokens through seasonal winners and GENE stakes.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Genopets!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Phantom wallet.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Genopets

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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