Real Deal Guild


The mission of Real Deal Guild is to introduce blockchain games to the World and to give people economic opportunities through Play-to-Earn Revolution. We focus on NFT and Blockchain Technology with the goal of maximizing the potential of our digital assets and to build a stable community that contributes in Metaverse.

About RDG

The Real Deal Guild is a social guild based in Manila, Philippines. RDG is a group of gamers passionate about blockchain technology. They aim to bring together people who love both blockchain and video games. The goal is to provide a fun environment where gamers can learn from each other and grow their knowledge in both fields.

Blockchain games will change the way gamers experience online games forever. One of those challenges is the need for a strong network of communities that can help one another. This is why RDG wants to build a place where everyone can come together and discuss ideas, ask questions, and find solutions to problems.

RDG fulfills its promise to expand opportunities for the Guild’s members through expansion and new alliances. They have completed alliances with OpenBlox, Sidus Heroes, Synergy Land, Rebel Bots, Starbots, Kingdom Raiders, etc.

The long-term goal of such collaborations is to facilitate conversations that teach the general public about NFT games and the cryptocurrency industry. The mission of Real Deal Guild is to increase awareness of NFTs among Filipino citizens and provide economic opportunities.

You can visit the Real Deal Guild’s official website (https://realdealguild.io/) to be updated on their special offers or join the community through their Discord Server. In a short time, Real Deal Guild was able to amass thousands of fans across multiple social media channels.

Even worldwide, the Guild’s tweets and blog articles became trending topics. The meet-up of the two famous Guilds in the Philippines, RDG and YGG, also became viral in the metaverse.

Real Deal Guild Founders

Real Deal Guild (RDG) aims to provide Filipino gamers a chance to improve their financial situation by participating in the play-to-earn revolution brought about by the rise of blockchain-based games.

The social Guild, started by Benn Beckman/Manila Crypto, held contests and scholarship giveaways with prizes from RDG sub-guild managers. Examples of these competitions are the HappyLand Testnet Campaign, the SIDUS Art Contest, and the first-ever DOTA 2 and Valorant Tournaments hosted by RDG.

Some well-known RDG sellers, content creators, and exchanges are Benn Beckman (Axie Infinity Shop), Tipxie, Qee, Axxie TV, and AlphaWolf.

Real Deal Guild Scholarship Program

The Guild’s expansion has pushed RDG to establish regular openings for the Guild’s participants in the Guild’s infrastructure. They announced the first group of RDG Verified Sub-Guilds, which have been vetted to ensure they share RDG’s commitment to its founding principles.

To help usher in the next phase of the digital age, RDG keeps pushing for universal access to education about the industry and efforts to bridge the gap between traditional and P2E gamers.

According to its official website, there are 6,000+ Real Deal Scholars. RDG is dedicated to doing good in the community by coordinating a wide range of community service projects.

To help gamers get their feet wet with AI, RDG designed several schemes, such as the Scholarship Program. For example, RDG allows students to borrow Axies at a 70:30 profit split. Scholars can breed their Axies with help from Benn Beckman’s Breeding Program and manage, recruit, and train their students through the Play to Earn Program.

Educating, introducing, and guiding Filipinos in Blockchain Games is one of RDG’s primary missions, and it will allow more individuals to participate in play-to-earn games.

Guild Details

Founded Date:

January 2021



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