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Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars is a cross-platform card battle game, players will be able to play, progress, and earn in a single-player or multiplayer sci-fi themed game taking place in outer space. The game will require players to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build their army of fighting robots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.

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Rebelbots Game Review

On any platform, Rebel Bots Xoil Wars players can compete in card combat, make advancements, and win rewards in a futuristic setting inspired by science fiction. In this game, players will band together to support alien monarchies, construct armies of combat robots, and battle it out for the rare Xoil resource.

Tokenized transactions in the Rebel Bots ecosystem will be anchored on the Polygon blockchain. They state that the technological and social features of the Polygon blockchain were equally important in the final decision to use it. Polygon also satisfies all other prerequisites for a blockchain used in GameFi projects.

According to the NFT game’s whitepaper (https://cdn.rebelbots.com/), its key investors Ubisoft, Overwolf, and Makers Fund played an important role when it came to the game’s breakthrough and worldwide influence.

Game Mechanics

A player’s base will be the foundation upon which they can construct their team of Fighting Bots. After that, they can join others or go alone in a game set in deep space on the planet Xoilium, where they can play, advance, and win rewards.

Players need to spend money on 1 Land NFT and 3 Fighting bots to get started. The land is where players can shop and assemble their bot armies.

It has a single-player (PvE) and multiplayer component (PvP).

Adventure Mode (PvE): The Rebel Bots game has a single-player option called “adventure.”

Players will be able to advance through different stages in this mode, with the completion of each level earning them Xoil. In the game’s adventure mode, players visit different biomes on Xoilium to clear them of hostile aliens that drink Xoil from the planet’s soil and then use it in attacks on human bases.

Multiplayer Mode (PvP): This mode is multiplayer in which users battle their Fighting bot squad against other players’ teams. To get Xoil, Spark, and new components, PvP is also crucial.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is used to pair up players; those of similar MMR will face off against one another, and the winner’s MMR will be calculated depending on how much ground they took in the match.


In 2052, three years after the “Big Dismantle,” humans scrapped millions of robots to bits and destroyed their cores out of fear that robots might rise and overthrow them. They organized into the robot resistance to ensure their survival, and their sole mission was to restore the robot factory and begin producing robot siblings once more. For the robots, resistance is their last, best chance.

The robots had no choice but to abandon Earth for an unknowable fate in space after numerous failed attempts to make their scheme succeed. They’ve spent years traveling through space, but when their oil supply ran out, they had to land on the desolate planet Xoilium, which has a variety of interesting ecosystems but no inhabitants, industries, or oil.

Robots found some Xoil (Extra terrestrial Oil). Still, it was in little supply, and they learned that other native inhabitants of Xoilium collected the Xoil for their requirements, all of which made life more difficult in Xoilium. When Xoil runs out, the Rebel Bots will turn on one another, retreat to their kingdoms, declare war on one another, and fight to the death.

Kingdom and Lords

Each of the thousands of kingdoms in the Rebel Bots game metaverse was founded by a member of the game’s first generation of Rebel Bots, and the robots’ respective abilities defend their territories. Like not every Rebel Bot is the same, not every Kingdom is created equal. Robots with rarer features have conquered larger Kingdoms with more expansive lands.

Since every single Rebel Bot from the first generation (Genesis) of the Rebel Bots collection is a “Kingdom Lord,” this Rebel Bot NFT is the most valuable in the game.

Even though the Kingdom Lord isn’t a playable character, each player will choose a Kingdom to fight for and use their Rebel Bot avatar as their battle-ready banner.

According to the rarity level of the Rebel Bot ruling that Kingdom, that Kingdom will receive a certain amount of valuable land resources. In addition, the owners of the Rebel Bots will receive a revenue share from the sale of all land in their Kingdom.

Rebel Bots DAO

The Rebel Bots game is being made and improved in unison with the community of Rebel Bot owners and general fans in the spirit of a truly collaborative endeavor.

They use the RBLS governance token to make the game a community-owned DAO. The development team and seed investors’ control over RB will gradually dwindle as RBLS is dispersed among RB owners and players.

Thanks to the developer votes tied to the locked Play to Earn and Staking reward pools, the development team will have a say. With this safeguard in place, the ecosystem can flourish without interference from potential threats as it matures.

Rebel Bots Tokenomics

The game utilizes two cryptocurrencies:

XOIL is the in-game token used for buying parts and minting fighting bots.

RBLS is the game’s governance token for minting and purchasing lands. Players can buy items with them and use them to participate in tournaments and giveaways.

Xoil Wars also utilizes three-game currencies for the game resources: Energy, Spark, and Parts.

Play-to-earn with Rebel Bots

With so many ways gamers can make money, Xoil Wars is poised to become a groundbreaking play-to-earn title.

As important as making money from players, having a user base of non-playing users from the larger crypto community is key. Tokens will gain value in the long run as new game elements are added that advance the Rebel Bots metaverse.

Players will battle for the valuable Xoil resource, which can be used to create the game’s protagonists—the combat bots—or staked as payment in return for other cryptocurrencies.

Also, players can decide whether or not to employ their custom-made robots in battle or to sell them in the game’s marketplace. In contrast, investors can profit from the game by acquiring the governance units necessary to rule a kingdom.

Players can visit Rebel Bots’ NFT collection on Opensea (https://opensea.io/collection/rebelbots).

Leaderboards & Season Prizes

Xoil Wars has three leaderboards gameplay where players can compete for various rewards by climbing to the top. After each season, the top players on the global leaderboard are rewarded based on their MMR.

However, each Kingdom is ranked on the Kingdom leaderboard according to the average MMR of its players. Also, the top 10 players from the winning Kingdom are awarded $RBLS tokens at the end of the season.

Internal Marketplace

In Rebel Bots, players can buy, sell, or lease non-feasible lands (NFTs) through the game’s internal economy. Players are limited to competing in a single land at a time, but they can generate income by owning many lands, making land sales, and renting them out to the game’s newcomers.

Lands give owners a special place to store and refine Xoil and Spark, as well as to buy and sell components, construct and train combat robots, and eventually resell the land for a profit.


The game also features a novel scholarship system that allows players who have acquired many plots of land or combat NFTs to lease these assets and earn passive revenue from day one by setting their terms and conditions.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Rebelbots!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Rebelbots

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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