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Crabada are powerful warriors from a past era. Each with unique strengths and abilities which are inherited through breeding. Rediscover the prosperous ancient Crabada Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, King of the Crabada. Mine. Loot. Breed. Expand your forces. Earn CRA tokens by playing and use them to determine the future of the Kingdom!

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Crabada Game Review

Crabada is a play-to-earn NFT game where you earn cryptocurrency by playing. You can spend those cryptos to buy items or use them to unlock levels within the game.

The idea behind the crypto game came from a conversation between co-founder Alexey Kuznetsov and his friend Dmitry Shishkin. They wanted to make a game that would allow people to learn about blockchain technology.

Crabada is an extremely casual game, with little expert gameplay beyond the initial setup of teams and statistics.

The traits that make each Crab NFT special are passed down from generation to generation. There are 64 breed types of Crabada to choose from, and the possible offspring combinations are endless.

Game Mechanics

In the game, players are divided into two groups: miners and looters. While miners dig up resources, looters go out and find them.

The game’s rules are simple enough, but there’s one major twist: each team consists of three hermit crabs. This makes it much easier for teams to work together. For example, a group of three miners might decide to work together to help a single looter find a good item. Or a group of three looters could work together to ensure that one miner gets his fair share of the spoils.

Mining Expedition

Crabada is a valuable asset that may be used in various seafloor mines. The player must first establish a Mining Party before selecting an unoccupied mine. A Mining Party can dig for wealth without needing player intervention.

The diligence of each Crabada within the Mining Party determines how quickly it digs wealth. If at least one Crabada in the Mining Party is diligent, the Mining Party will dig for wealth faster. This effect lasts for 30 minutes.

When at least one crabada of this type is present in the Mining Party, a Mining Expedition begins. The Mining Expedition does not require player involvement and continues automatically.

Looting Mission

The Crabada is a portable mining laser used to excavate minerals from deep underground mines. In addition to being able to dig up ore, it can also be used to destroy enemy defenses and even steal resources from enemies.

Each Looting Mission will take around one hour to complete, depending on how many players participate and what type of defense the Mining Party has set up. After successful looting, the player gains access to the loot table and begins looting.

The amount of loot gained depends on the number of people involved in the looting party. If there are fewer than three players, no loot will be obtained. If there are three or four players, the total prize will be split evenly among those present.

If the Mining Party does not send reinforcements during the Looting Mission, the player will be unable to obtain any rewards. However, if the Mining Party does send reinforcements, the player will receive half the normal reward for completing the mission.

Once inside the area, the player will notice that the Mining Party leader has already laid out some equipment. Players can choose to equip themselves with the Mining Party leader’s equipment. Also, the equipment cannot be changed once it has been chosen.

Carabada Tokenomics

The Crabada project offers various tokens: CRA, TUS, CRAM, GUS, and PAS.

CRA (Crabada)

CRA is the game’s governance token and reputation token, which players earn over time by participating.

Players stake CRA to vote on game decisions and receive rewards based on how much they stake. The more you stake, the more influence you gain. You can also buy more votes with real money.

TUS (Treasure Under Sea)

TUS is the game’s true rewards and in-game currency. Teams of swimmers compete against each other to collect treasure chests while avoiding enemy attacks.

The team earns TUS for every chest it finds and can spend on upgrades and equipment. When a team has found enough treasure, they can sell their loot through Trader Joe’s or Pangolin Swap exchange to make extra cash.

GUS (Gold Under Sea)

Currency in the Battle Game is GUS, which may be created using the Materials gained in the game’s Mining and Looting modes.

CRAM (Crabada Amulet)

When you stake CRA, you may exchange it for an amulet called CRAM, which can be used to purchase various items and benefits inside the game and get access to special awards.

PAS (Player Activity Score)

PAS is the player activity score, representing how active a player is. If you’re inactive for too long, you’ll lose PAS. This could lead to losing access to certain features or even being kicked off the server entirely.

Crabada NFTs

Crabada is a blockchain game built around NFT (non-fungible tokens). These are unique digital items that cannot be duplicated. They are designed specifically for video games and virtual worlds.

The Crabada token itself is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, meaning it can be traded freely on exchanges. However, the value of each individual Crabada token is determined by how many times it is transferred throughout the network.

This creates a decentralized ecosystem where players trade Crabada directly among themselves without relying on third parties.

Play-to-earn with Crabada

There is now a new incentive structure for apps participating in the Avalanche Foundation’s ecosystem.

The new system rewards players for playing the game actively. Active players receive Avax tokens via airdrop weekly based on their in-app performance. The amount they received depends on how much they played during the seven days.

The Crabada team wants to make money off of idle games. Also, players may bring their idle teams to the Tavern to rent them to other players for a price. Also, the team set aside CRA for the early rewards to be phased away over time.

The Crabada development team hopes to implement combat mechanisms that pit crabs against one another soon. It could be similar to Pokemon Go, where players hunt down specific creatures in a real-world location.

Crabada has a detailed roadmap and game growth planned for the future, with features like additional PVE regions and campaigns, PVP Tournaments, Land Ownership, Equipment, and even Co-Op World Boss Raids.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Crabada!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Crabada

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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