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Mir4 is a AAA blockchain MMORPG game where warriors go to war, protect and trade. The in-game reward token of Mir4 is Draco which can be obtained through mining inside the game and swapped through Wemix Wallet.

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Mir4 Game Review

Mir 4 is a fantasy play-to-earn MMORPG. It offers extensive material set in a captivating and innovative open world. In Mir4, you have to train your characters to become more powerful and gain victory in countless wars. Those who prevail in battle are crowned kings, and their clan gains ultimate authority and prestige.

Legend of MIR became instantly popular in numerous regions of Asia, including South Korea and China.

The PC version of MIR4 is available for download via the game’s official website and Steam. Scanning the QR code on MIR4’s official website allows Mobile device users to obtain the game on Google Play, the Apple App Store for iOS, Galaxy Store, and AppGalery for android.

Game Mechanics

The game’s visuals have altered dramatically thanks to the implementation of the Unreal Engine, which provides high-quality graphics and captivating character creation.

Before starting the game, players must choose one of five character classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, Lancer, Taoist, or Arbalist. After picking a character, players must give that character a distinctive appearance based on their personal preferences.

There are thousands of other participants in the game and several activities for players to engage in, including dungeons and chambers to battle with various MOBS.

Clan, Hidden Valley Capture, Bicheon Castle Siege, Exploration Loot, Oriental Movement, and Free Loot are some of MIR4’s features.

Auto-combat Feature

When auto-Combat is on, the computer takes over combat and defends your character from threats. By activating auto-combat, your character will automatically attack any surrounding adversaries and use any available fast slot abilities or potions.

Autoplay is a common feature in MMOs and RPGs; thus, this should not surprise MMORPG players. In farming, however, being AFK indicates that the character is cultivating crops rather than battling enemies.

The auto-combat option is useful if you’re engaged in a difficult battle or mission that you cannot afford to lose or delay. It also enables you to automatically complete missions by picking the desired auto mission.

The game also has an auto-mining feature that allows your character to hunt for resources without direct involvement.

In-game Chats Automatic Translation

Players in the Land of Mir can communicate using various chat modes.

An in-game auto-translation tool in MIR4 will automatically translate any non-English communications sent to you by other players. The vast majority of mobile games do not provide this function.

Although this feature has only been tested with the English language so far, it is safe to assume that it can translate texts written in other languages into English. Unlike other MMORPGs, MIR4 lets you interact with people who type in Chinese, Arabic, French, etc.

NFT Server

According to the Chronicle, the doors to the NFT servers are wide open and can only be accessed via ‘Load NFT.’ This will make sure that your game experience is uninterrupted by bots.

Verified NFT characters have unique access to the NFT server, providing a higher satisfaction level and greater freedom in the game.

The features, content, and gameplay are the same on NFT servers as on standard servers.

The only significant difference is the increased security protocols to prevent hackers from gaining server access. Also, this indicates that the “Domination Server” material is used the same way as any other server-based content.

“Domination Servers” are public servers that up to 16 other servers may share in the same geographic area. These servers consist of the Tower of the Black Dragon, the Labyrinths, and the Fields, and they are more dependable than regular servers in distributing experience and rewards.

The team anticipates that by introducing NFT servers, they will be able to make the gaming experience more satisfying and that the value of “Character NFTs” will grow due to the new features.

Creating Characters

The ‘NFT Character’ technology permits the exchange of characters from the XDRACO website by creating and sealing NFTs with your character.

An NFT character can only be used on the NFT server. To play, you’ll need to connect your character’s profile to one of Google, Apple, or Facebook. In addition, before using the Load NFT feature, players must have their NFT characters sealed.

If you delete the account containing the NFT character, you’ll also lose the character responsible for creating the NFT.

The NFT server facilitates inter-server travel expeditions. However, the NFT system cannot be used with Guest accounts, and it is only available to accounts linked with WEMIX Wallet and purchased the character.

Wayfarer Travel

“Wayfarer Travel” is a service that allows you to transfer your character to other servers, regions freely, and even continents.

Only those who meet the requirements can utilize Wayfarer Travel. It’s important to have at least one free character slot on the target server before attempting Wayfarer Travel, and there’s a 5-day cooldown after that.

Remember that gamers from any country or continent can switch to any server. Wayfarer Travel cannot be used to move a player from the regular server to the NFT server, but you can do vice versa.

Mir4 Tokenomics

A great journey was accompanied by obstacles like bot use, multi-boxing, and unapproved third-party software, which have generated an imbalance in the MIR4 multi-sphere ecosystem.


HYDRA is an acronym for “High Yield of DRACO.” It is designed to prevent bots and abusers from getting essential commodities without impacting regular player experiences, establishing it as a scarce and economically-genuine utility token.

It is a refined form of DRACO that may be created by combining DRACOs and Septaria as its primary components. To begin refining HYDRA, you must first connect your Wemix Wallet to your game account and give the system permission to access your DRACO balance.

HYDRA Payment is a technology that enables PC gamers to utilize HYDRA as an additional payment option in-game. Oracle automatically updates the minimum amount of HYDRA needed to purchase the product daily.

Keep in mind that HYDRA cannot be turned back into DRACOs.


Its unique token design facilitates trading, storing, selling, and buying game assets outside of the game itself. The game’s resources back the token’s worth; thus, it never loses value.

Owning Darksteel allows you to melt DRACO, a Fungible Token asset. The Wemix App has a market where you can buy, sell, and trade DRACO with other users. Using DRACO and Septaria, you can transform DRACO into the higher asset, HYDRA.

DRACO is a blockchain-based transferable asset that can be purchased and sold without the restrictions of game servers, separate game worlds, or artificially constructed lines between the virtual game and reality.

Play-to-Earn with Mir4

MIR4 is a free-to-play NFT game, and because of its play-to-earn feature, everyone has the chance to win in-game assets or cryptocurrency.

As the first game to successfully use blockchain technology in a commercially successful game, MIR4 has become a worldwide sensation in the gaming industry.

Players may withdraw or deposit Draco and trade tokens for Wemix tokens, which can be exchanged for fiat currency on Bithumb and converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and practically any other accessible cryptocurrency.

Wemade co., ltd. has created a blockchain integration called “Mint, Trade & Play” that allows users to swap virtual avatars for real-world money.

Eventually, the characters will be transformed into NFTs that can be exchanged like stocks.

Players willing to invest real money to give their characters an advantage in PvP battles will have the chance to come out on top.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Mir4!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Wemix.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Mir4

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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