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Last Updated November 11, 2022

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Axie Infinity is an immensely popular blockchain video game. Axie Infinity draws considerable inspiration from famous games such as Pokemon. It is a play-to-earn NFT game in which players gain levels and battle a team of virtual pets. In Axie Infinity, players can engage in Player-versus-Player (PvP) or Player-versus-Environment (PvE) game modes. You can play Axie Infinity on Windows, Android, or iOS platforms.

Axie Infinity is developed on the Ethereum network and employs two cryptocurrencies, $AXS and $SLP, for its in-game mechanics. The $AXS token is used for trading assets. To purchase several Axies from the marketplace at the beginning of the game, you need $AXS tokens.

The $SLP, on the other hand, is a reward token. Players earn $SLP tokens as gamers progress through the game and compete against other players.

Energy in Axie Infinity

Before discussing how to level up Axie quickly, you must have a firm grasp of Energy. Arena and Adventure levels both cost one Energy in Axie Infinity.

The amount of available Energy is displayed on the main menu. You can also determine how much time remains before regaining Energy.

Using Energy is necessary if you plan to gain Axie EXP in the Axie Infinity Adventure mode (PVE) and gain SLP Rewards in Arena mode (PVP).

The more Energy you have, the more Experience Points (EXP) you can earn by participating in Adventure (PVE) battles to advance your Axies and reach higher levels.

The Role of Energy

In Axie Infinity, the player begins with a maximum of 20/20 Energy. You will get 5 amounts of Energy every six hours. However, if you have more Axies, your maximum Energy level and recharge rate can grow.

To earn experience and level up Axie, you must participate in Adventure mode matches while possessing Energy. Therefore, if you wish to concentrate on upgrading Axie, you should only use your limited Energy on Adventure (PvE) and not in the PvP arena.

Remember that if you lose a PvE match, you will not receive experience points. Therefore, carefully prepare and ensure that you can accomplish the level.

You can determine the number of enemies you’ll fight by clicking on a level. Focus on lower levels or levels you can easily complete with your current team. Players refer to this as the comfort zone EXP.

The rule of thumb when gaining experience is to continue climbing the ruins. If you cannot defeat a ruin, get experience from the ruin below it until the Axies you have is stronger.

Leveling Up Your Axies

Gaining more victories and Smooth Love Potions requires leveling up Axies.

Axie’s strength increases with their level, making it simpler to explore ruins when playing in adventure mode.

Why Should You Level Up Your Axies?

Utilizing your Energy points in the arena could result in greater SLP, but your Axies will remain at a low level. This will increase your grinding in the adventure.

Getting caught in the lower ruins will take approximately four to five hours to earn the maximum daily SLP awards.

In adventure mode, the enemies get harder as you go through the ruins. That means there are more benefits to be found when you explore Lunacia’s ruins.

The first two weeks of the game are crucial for leveling your Axies and making it easier to grind ruins; therefore, most players recommend devoting all of your Energy to Adventure Mode.

How Do You Level Up Your Axies?

To level up your Axies, you’ll need to spend some Energy on adventure mode. Without Energy, the adventure will reward you with SLP.

When you begin playing the daily quest, focusing all of your efforts on an adventure can speed up the leveling of your allies at the expense of possible SLP gains in the arena.

Strengthening your Axies will pay off in the long run since it will reduce the time and the amount of Energy you need to spend on your adventures.

Below are some suggestions and strategies you can use in your gameplay to help speed up your leveling experience.

Proper Energy Distribution

If you are a regular player and the team owner, you should spend the first week leveling up your Axies. Claim the SLP bonus before entering the arena, as doing so will make completing ruins with better rewards.

Acquire More Energy

A particular quantity of Axies in your account grants you more Energy. It will allow you to level up quickly and earn more SLP in the arena. This choice, while available, is expensive and less practical if you do not have access to the account.

Form a Powerful Team

A squad that excels in both adventure and arena is an additional method for quickly and cheaply leveling up in Axies.

Most players suggest assembling a team with a balanced mix of usefulness and damage. Having a combination of these three attributes guarantees success in the majority of ruins without jeopardizing arena matches.

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