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🕒 Last Updated November 14, 2023

Mech Infinity is a Battle Royal video game based on the Axie Infinity universe. Mech Infinity merges the best aspects the most successful Battle Royale videogames for today. The Axie Mechs are the main characters of the game, and will have different base bodies, just like there are different classes of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mechs, Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Birds, Dawn).

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Mech Infinity Game Review

You can win crypto assets like SLP, AXS, or NFT by playing Mech Infinity, a Battle Royale game set in the Axie Infinity universe where Users or Holders of Axies can play Axies Mech and take part in epic fights.

The game is built under the Ronin blockchain and is developed by ConWiro.

The Axie Mechs are the game’s centerpiece and will have various body parts designed, much like the Axie themselves (Beast, Bug, Mech, Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Bird, Dawn). Only other Axies of the same species can operate an Axie Mech.

According to Mech Infinity’s Roadmap, the team is now working on the Launch of ‘Alfa’ and the Beta version of the game. The full launch of their marketplace, however, can be subject to changes because of the program roll-out by Sky Mavis.

The game will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Since the game is still developing, you can join the social community on Discord or Twitter to be informed on the game’s events and updates.

Game Mechanics

Mech Infinity merges the best elements of the most popular battle royale card games. In Mech Infinity, players fight against each other in three teams, where every player controls one Mech. Players must work together to survive while trying to eliminate the enemy team. Every match lasts 10 minutes, and the objective is to destroy the opposing team’s core.

Every match starts with a small map, where players spawn randomly. As soon as the match begins, gamers will start fighting against each other in real time. If you kill another player, they will become part of your team. You can choose to keep them alive or decide to kill them. When a player dies, their teammates will respawn immediately.

Players can buy weapons, armor, boosters, etc., during the matches. Each item has a certain effect and can help you win the match.

Axie Mech: The exteriors of Axie Mechs will seem modern, fresh, and practical. Axies can only employ mechs in their class, constructed from several parts to give each Mech unique skills and traits.

Mech Bodies will have Level, Max Health, Speed of movement, and Speed of energy refill.


There will be six distinct types of land developed at the outset, each composed of individually formed NFT Parcels. Its value will be defined in a logical order, similar to that of cities, with the core being worth more than the outskirts. City Parcels are more valuable because of their scarcity and because they are highly sought after by various groups.

Buildings: The game’s primary quests will take place in several structures. Structures will be Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with the sites where they are erected, and the existing parcel sizes will determine their sizes.

The buildings are Garages, Battle Arena (PvP), and Training Arenas.

Mystery Box

For the most part, users will interact with the game’s primary resources via boxes.

Big Mystery Box: You’ll need at least one Axie to buy a Big Box in the Market. These may be bought with AXS from the Market and contain various Pieces for various Axie Mech classes. As development continues, they may also include cosmetic items like stickers and skins for characters and arena decorations.

Small Mystery Box: Players are rewarded with Small Mystery Boxes by completing matches and moving up the Trophy Road. Users can spend either SLP or AXS on mini mystery boxes in the Market.

Players may have to wait a bit before accessing the boxes, although this process can be sped up if they watch advertisements.

Trophy Road: This is the most straightforward method for acquiring and cracking open Mystery Boxes and, consequently, new items for use in the game. When users win battles, they receive trophies; when they lose, they lose prizes.


Within Mech Infinity, guilds will function as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). A user must have access to at least three Axie Mech, a Battle Arena, a Training Arena, and more than three neighboring parcels to form a Guild.

If you want to create your Guild, you’ll need to sign a Guild constitution agreement, which will serve as the participants’ shared property and whose worth will be determined by how well they do in tournaments.

Mech Infinity Tokenomics

Mech Infinity will use the governance token and utility token of the Axie Infinity, SLP & AXS tokens as its primary cryptocurrencies.

On Axie Infinity, AXS and SLP tokens are ERC-20 that operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Axie Mech are in-game digital assets that will be sold as NFTs. In addition, Badges will be used as a form of currency; they are not tokens but rather soft coins that will circulate.

Badges: Badges can be exchanged for goods and services in Mech Infinity. It can only be obtained through actual gameplay, and its acquisition is proportional to the amount of work put in by the user. Pieces can be upgraded and added to the Axie Mech with the help of Badges.

Badges can be earned by completing daily quests given to users. Earning potential will be capped at a certain amount of badges per day.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

The AXS token will be the most valuable and will be used for all in-game transactions.

AXS will be used for Big Mystery Boxes, Buying Special Stickers, Land Purchases, Special Cosmetics Purchases, Building Purchases, and Payment of Land Taxes.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

The SLP token will have the largest transaction volume and be utilized for Small Mysterious Boxes, Buying Special Stickers and Cosmetics, Warehouse rent payments, and Warehouse upgrades.

Play-to-earn with Mech Infinity

The blockchain game’s mission is to develop an entertaining ecosystem in which players can acquire Mech Infinity-themed currency (SLP and AXS) by competing in matches, making trades, and making their content.

According to the game’s Whitepaper, payers can earn by winning tournaments, Selling, Trading, Renting, and Collecting.

Players can sell Axie Mech, Mystery Boxes, or Pieces on the NFT marketplace. The NFT game also allows the players to trade on Parcels, Buildings, or Battle Arenas.

Renting Parcels, Axie Mech, Buildings, or Battle Arenas is also a passive way for players to earn. For gamers who are not into facing adventure modes, they can collect Rare, special, and epic Axie Mech.

In a metaverse where the only source of revenue for play-to-earn games is from new users, the team realizes that not everyone will be able to profit. That is why they have developed several recommendations that would help the players establish a sustainable economy in which returns on investments, playing time, and match results all play a role in determining one’s standard of living.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Mech Infinity!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Ronin Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Mech Infinity

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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