Mir4 Classes: Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated March 21, 2023

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MIR4 is a popular MMORPG video game that emphasizes NFT and in-game cryptocurrency mining. The game was made by Wemade Co., ltd. You can enjoy it without cost on desktop computers and mobile devices (iOS and Android). It features a play-to-earn element that distinguishes it from standard massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Mir4 stands out as an unusual video game in the Korean MMORPG genre because it is based on unbelievable oriental martial arts, while most other Korean MMORPG games are set in the Middle Ages in the Western world.

In the pre-quest character creation phase, gamers select a character’s class and prepare them for the journey ahead.

Each of these classes has its own set of abilities, statistics, and play styles that may appeal to different types of gamers. In addition, each of these classes has its own distinctive and fashionable survivability and durability.

These distinctions also lend each class utility in various group contexts, which may or may not factor into your final decision depending on the objectives you wish to accomplish.

If you’re a MIR4 beginner, you might spend a long time staring at the character creation screen before deciding what to roll.

Every class has its advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll review them here. This will guide you in selecting the best MIR4 beginner character class.

Classes in MIR4

Five distinct job classes available for selection are Warrior, Sorcerer, Lancer, Taoist, and Arbalist.

The various classes in this MMORPG each play a specific role and have their abilities.

Let’s talk about what makes each special and what they’re capable of:

Warrior: Defensive Tanks

The Warrior is a safe bet if you’re looking for a solid class to play.

Getting to the endgame as quickly and easily as possible is a common goal in mobile games, especially massively multiplayer online RPG games like this one. 

That’s why it’s best to go with an offensively focused class, as they’ll have an easier time killing foes despite being weaker and requiring more skill to use effectively.

However, the Warrior has none of these limitations. This character’s class allows him to deal with and take a lot of damage, thanks to his formidable defenses and high health. 

This class is great for newcomers and seasoned players because of its balanced approach to offense and defense. If the former, the class’s high defense values will mitigate the damage their carelessness causes. Seasoned players can better use their equipment and achieve results on par with other pure DPS classes.

Ultimately, the Warrior is the best starting class because it is easy to play and a well-rounded class that can handle any challenge with superior defense stats and abilities, like the taunt skill.

Sorcerer: Magic DPS Class

Regarding mobile MMORPGs, sorcerers are known for having devastating spell damage that can wipe out an entire army.

With her trusty ally at the ready, this class excels at dealing with serious damage to single targets and large areas of effect. The trade-off for this damage potential is her very low defenses. Her only defense is the high-MP-cost Magic Shield ability. This skill creates a barrier that negates some of the damage she would otherwise take.

In MIR4, sorcerers are among the game’s most potent characters, and they follow in the lines of traditional MMO spellcasters. Regarding MIR4 classes, the Sorcerer is the “glass cannon.” They function similarly to most RPG games’ Mage and Wizard classes.

The Sorcerer’s low health at close range encourages ranged play, and with the proper skill usage, the class’s many crowd control, burst, and AOE options can make solo farming easier.

However, while the Sorcerer is capable of great damage, it is much more difficult to use than the Warrior due to the extra care you must take to avoid clipping. If you enjoy seeing great damage done, this class is for you.

Lancer: Melee DPS Class

When it comes to playing solo, this class is arguably the most powerful. This is because of the Lancer’s ability to do significant damage and his access to debuff and CC abilities. Also, the talents that provide him temporary tolerance to certain effects or allow him to block attacks entirely.

Like Taoists, lancers have excellent mobility, and their long spears give them an advantage in combat. Their damage is on the level with or even lower than that of other classes. Still, their mobility, personal assistance, defensive abilities, and fast mobility make them an overwhelming force in several game situations.

Taoist: Support & Healer

The Taoist is a challenging class in MIR4 because her play style necessitates direct interaction with her enemies. And because she doesn’t have the Warrior’s sturdy defenses, the player constantly runs the chance of her receiving damage if they are reckless.

The Taoist is a formidable opponent in close quarters due to its lightning-fast play style and deadly close combat abilities. Even so, the Taoist is a formidable opponent at close quarters.

The Taoist is a great class for any team composition, thanks to her array of defensive, supporting, and healing abilities in addition to her armory of devastating ones. Therefore, she is a very adaptable class.

Arbalist: The Huntsman

Arbalist is the newest of all the hero classes in Mir4. We can think of this class as a marksman and an assassin. It is a ranged type with the quickest attack speed of any of the other classes, and its agility and skill also make it possible for them to be elusive. Additionally, it has an invisible skill that allows it to escape certain situations.

Arbalist is a true damage dealer when fighting one on one because of its agility combined with a high percentage of serious critical damage. Arbalists can easily eliminate their opponents, particularly when they lack defense. Sorcerer is a damage dealer in terms of DPS because of its AOE skill.

Arbalist may be the best option if you want to engage in many PVP and enjoy playing ranged classes because of its range, high critical strike chance, and agility.

Which MIR4 Classes Is Ideal for PvE and PvP?

PvE Tier List

  • Warrior
  • Sorcerer
  • Arbalist
  • Taoist
  • Lancer

The Warrior and the Sorcerer are the best PvE classes if you want to grind.

Warriors are excellent AFK farm characters because of their high resistance to damage and health regeneration. Warriors have the versatility to deal with area-of-effect or single-target damage, but they aren’t the most lethal of the classes.

While sorcerers are vulnerable, they can deal significant offensive spell damage from the back line when used effectively.

The Arbalist excels at long-range combat, so players should take advantage of this Class’s ranged abilities to keep farms and PVE encounters accessible. Although most other Classes benefit from killing multiple enemies at once, Arbalists’ critical damage increases the more they focus on a single target.

Warriors don’t deal the most damage but are very resilient and inform these decisions. Also, auto-combat makes this a great option for most of the game’s grinding and farming. 

The Sorcerer, with her ability to wipe out entire screens’ worth of foes with a single blast of her area-of-effect spells, is not far behind. Unfortunately, she doesn’t rank first on this tier list because her defenses are too weak.

PvP Tier List

  • Lancer
  • Taoist
  • Warrior
  • Arbalist
  • Sorcerer

Regarding player versus player (PvP) combat, each class in MIR4 has its distinct playstyle.

Lancers are a common favorite choice for PvP combat, even though they are not the go-to option for player versus environment (PvE) gameplay, particularly when it comes to solo quests. Because Lancers have significantly better range than Warriors and Taoists, in addition to the defensive capabilities to outlive both of those classes, the only classes that they should typically be concerned about are Arbalists and Sorcerers, who prefer to keep themselves away in a safe spot.

A Lancer on your team is essential, as they play a pivotal role in raids.

If you enjoy playing as a Sorcerer, Warrior, or Arbalist, don’t let this tier list discourage you. Though the Lancer and Taoist have the best equipment for PvP, success in this mode depends on more than just your choice of class; it’s your ability to overcome and dominate your opponents.

Best Class for MIR4

Some gamers advise going with the Sorcerer as they are well-rounded and can perform well in all areas. Sorcerers are ranged characters who can cast a wide variety of spells. Their spells range from single-target to multi-target, making them useful in agricultural settings.

They have an ultimate that can instantly destroy their enemies, and they can easily complete their daily quests. Additionally, the new Arbalist Class is fantastic in any role. However, before taking this class, you must become proficient with the game’s movement system.

Despite the Arbalist’s apparent weakness, a skilled kiter can easily outmaneuver even the most powerful opponents. As discussed below, other classes excel in specialized gameplay.

Every job class in MIR4 is reasonably well-balanced; it’s just that every job class has its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses.

You have no choice but to choose a class most suited to your playstyle and, more importantly, the role you take the most pleasure in playing.

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