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AGE OF TANKS is the First Military Strategic Metaverse and 3D turn-based strategy game, set in an immersive world, where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero! Mine resources, build your NFT tanks and defend your territory against thousands of other players that will try to outsmart you!

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Age Of Tanks Game Review

Age of Tanks (A.O.T), a blockchain-based NFT game, is designed to unite people worldwide through a shared virtual reality gaming experience. A.O.T is a F2P and P2E game where players can form teams and fight against each other in real time.

The game is powered by blockchain technology, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which fuels the ecosystem and enables players to participate in the crypto game economy. In addition, the platform offers a variety of tools, such as the Battle Builder, which helps players organize their matches into leagues and tournaments.

DefiNation studio is the developer of Age of Tanks. It has proven that blockchain gaming can reach new heights in terms of quality and user engagement. DefiNation studio uses the BSC Chain to implement innovative blockchain and in-game DeFi features in Age of Tanks.

Game Mechanics

Age of Tanks is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as the Commander, a leader of a small team of soldiers tasked with defending humanity against the invading forces of the enemy.

Because of human activity, the ozone layer that formerly encircled Earth and provided vital protection has been destroyed. Huge stretches of dunes replaced the once-shining teal waters. Because of the intense solar storms, the atmosphere is extremely unstable, causing frequent dust devils and global sandstorms.

The game begins with a free basic tank called the “Vanguard,” which you can use to gather resources and fight enemies. As the game progresses, you’ll unlock additional vehicles, such as the “Thunderbolt” and “Marauder.” Each vehicle has different strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to customize your play style.

Players in a decentralized blockchain game have full legal title to any tank NFTs they mint. Thus, the player has complete ownership of the trading privilege.

Players can use $A.O.T tokens to buy and sell Tanks NFT or individual tank parts, where every sale will have a nominal seller charge attached to it. All participating independent marketplaces on the same blockchain will be able to read the Contracts. By doing so, the game and its players can tap into the depth of other marketplaces.


Champions are experts at finding hidden treasures. Combining different types of technology is a common practice when making weapons or armor. It was planned that after the blueprints and components were completed, they would be transported to the Iron Forge for additional refinement and assembly.

The gameplay allows players to either recoup their investment by selling off individual components or using them to build a powerful super tank. There are countless tactical permutations possible due to the wide variety of talents available for each component, some of which confer additional benefits in combat. After being built, tanks will be converted into minted NFTs that may be traded on the NFT exchange.

The game mode is Campaign (PvE), Brodium Arena (PvP), and A.O.T Arena.

Scavenging: Players will begin with a Champion and a Basic Tank, and they will scavenge for Brodium in the game’s Campaigns, Brodium Arena, and PVP battlefields. If you save up enough Brodium, you can spend it to unlock rare Warchests with unknown contents. Depending on the rarity level, a Mystery Warchest may include a Hatch, Gun, Hull, or Engine that can be used to create other parts or put together a Tank.

Age Of Tanks Tokenomics

The $ A.O.T cryptocurrency is Age of Tanks’ in-game currency, and it was developed on the BSC network alongside the rest of the ecosystem. $A.O.T tokens’ primary function is the open payment system between players, improving the stability and security of the whole gaming environment.

To ensure the long-term viability and scalability of Age of Tanks, the $A.O.T cryptocurrency was designed to provide users with a financial incentive for participating in any game-related endeavors.

A.O.T token can be used for minting tank NFTs and forging parts, purchasing via the in-game marketplace, reward system, DeFi staking, and governance.

Play-to-earn with Age Of Tanks

The primary purpose of $ A.O.T is to reward players for their engagement in Age of Tanks by encouraging them to use $ A.O.T for in-game transactions, so establishing a self-sustaining economy within the game, and the secondary purpose is to encourage ownership and governance of the game.

In short, the basic way to earn A.O.T tokens is by simply winning PvP battles, achieving seasonal top ranks, owning an A.O.T refiner, and selling tank NFTs.

Numerous opportunities exist to get $ A.O.T tokens, but gaining strength and working your way up the ladders is the best strategy. In the end, the best Champions deserve the best prizes.

You can visit the game’s official website (https://ageoftanks.io/) to learn more about the game guides, Roadmap, or even join the game’s community and learn the trending updates within the A.O.T ecosystem.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Age Of Tanks!

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Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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