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Cyberkongz' Play & Kollect starts the bridge between all existing and future assets of the CyberKongz universe and will introduce a completely new eco and distribution system as a foundation for our future.

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Cyberkongz Game Review

Cyberkongz is a popular NFT built on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. As one of the early PFP NFT projects to launch, its minting occurred in March 2021. CyberKongz has consistently implemented some of the most cutting-edge community engagement methods in the past year.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and even Azuki, among others, are all examples of the popular profile picture (PFP) NFTs. PFP NFTs are all the rage; thus, it stands to reason that CyberKongz would do well too.

CyberKongz started as an experiment to explore the possibilities of creating a Cyberkongz NFT collection. The original concept was to generate 1000 unique and random CyberKongs, each being a different artwork with a price tag.

Although there was no pre-launch or marketing campaign, many people noticed the project immediately, thanks to the minting process being visible online.

The first 34×34 pixel CyberKongZ images were posted on Reddit and Twitter. They became very popular among crypto fans, especially those who use Discord and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc., where you can find many profiles with the same image.

In addition to CyberKongz VX, the group owns multiple parcels of land in The Sandbox game. It has a vast 24×24 plot to construct Kongz Island and a 12×12 estate called Neo Kong City.

CyberKongz also won an auction for a massive monument in the Sandbox game called “The Shrine of Truth,” which they want to rename “The Shrine of Kongz.”

According to its roadmap, plans call for increasing the NFT’s usefulness so that only individuals who own numerous CyberKongz can access Guilds that link Axie Infinity, the Guild of Guardians, and Embersword.

Game Mechanics

To tie together all of CyberKongz’s present and future holdings, they have devised a new eco and distribution system called “Play & Kollect.”

Play & Kollect presents Jungle Adventure, a 100% on-chain game running on the Polygon network that uses nearly zero natural gas fees.

Adventure Runs

Adventures’ primary goal is to send groups of one to five CyberKongz VX into the jungle to collect Kongium, which may be exchanged for other items, such as the seasonal $BANANA prize pool and special NFTs.

An adventure run can be initiated using Fuel Rods to power cost-free and paid adventure runs with $BANANA.

One Fuel Rod will be given to each CyberKongz VX in a crew daily, enough to launch one exploratory mission. Because of the innovative Lock Registry, gamers no longer have to stake and send out CyberKongz VX from their wallet.


The metaverse’s strongest metal.

The non-transferable resource known as Kongium can be scavenged during jungle runner expeditions. Kongium, unlike Fuel Rods, isn’t wiped out at the end of the season and may be utilized whenever, making it the primary resource for adventure runs and the system.

You can use Kongium to acquire special NFTs, advance in CyberKongz VX, or win a share of the seasonal $BANANA prize pool.

Play and Kollect

Unlike fungible crypto assets like Bitcoin, which employ blockchain technology to retain a digital record of their data that makes ownership indisputable, NFTs are one-of-a-kind. They cannot be exchanged for other assets.

Always have enough cryptocurrency in your chosen wallet to pay for the NFT and the associated gas fees. On the Ethereum blockchain, ETH is the primary means of exchanging value for most NFTs.

In the meantime, you can get your hands on CyberKongz’s amazing stuff over at Uniqly, a platform that connects the digital and real worlds with redeemable Wearables 3.0. Players of CyberKongz: Genesis, Baby, or VX can mint coins and spend them in-game or on NFT Marketplace.

Genesis CyberKongz: These first 1000 Genesis Kong were randomly generated, and ten of them are Legendary. You won’t find any other CyberKongz that yields $BANANA daily while simultaneously being the cutest profile pictures on the internet.

These are the 2D equivalent of the original “Profile photos.” Perfect proportions for use on social media platforms such as Discord and Twitter.

Baby CyberKongz: Cute as a button Baby Kongz can be made by breeding two Genesis Kongz, thanks to the cybernetic breeding process developed by mad scientist Myoo.

However, this procedure consumes a lot of energy, so you’ll need to shell out at least 600 $BANANA to keep the breeding frenzy going.

CyberKongz VX: CyberKongz’s continuing development has seen it expand beyond the realm of 2D CyberKongz NFTs and into the realm of the metaverse in the form of 3D voxel-based avatars designed for usage in virtual worlds like The Sandbox.

All of the latest land purchases and grand plans to build stunning places for CyberKong holders to interact and connect have been driven by the CyberKongz team’s insatiable desire to continue to dominate the metaverse.

Cyberkongz Tokenomics

$BANANA is a utility token that serves many purposes within the CyberKongz ecosystem. Almost every action you take within the CyberKongZ world requires the usage of $BANANA tokens.

You can spend $BANANA to vote in the community DAO, customize your CyberKongz VX by renaming it and changing its backstory, and buy wearables for your Kongz.

CyberKongz on OpenSea can be listed and bid on for $BANANA.

According to the game’s whitepaper, the Banana shop for exclusive NFTs is coming soon.

Play-to-earn with Cyberkongz

There will be many reasons to play the game: to win a piece of the seasonal $BANANA prize pool.

The only way to claim a piece of the pool is to sacrifice some Kongium to the flames.

You can save up Kongium from previous seasons and redeem it all at once, but you must use up all of your Kongium before entering the pool. Just be sure to level up or buy items first if you want to spend Kongium on that too.

Your portion of the seasonal prize pool is determined by multiplying your commitment amount by the total number of $BANANAs in the pool, then dividing that result by the total Kongium committed for the pool by all participants.

One of the main reasons Genesis CyberKongz have been and continues to be so successful is because they created and implemented the $BANANA coin, which can result in a passive income.

In the long run, only Baby Kongz will have access to Charmz due to its monopoly on Shardz.

Charmz can be used in several ways to boost the CyberKongz VX’s performance. They can also be bought and sold on the secondary market like OpenSea, with the highest trading volume recorded, in exchange for Ethereum.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Cyberkongz!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Cyberkongz

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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