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Elpis Battle


🕒 Last Updated November 22, 2023

Elpis Battle is a role-playing NFT game developed on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchain platforms. It is a tactical turn-based game where a player’s main goal is to assemble a group of characters to collect NFTs, battle, and explore the eight planets in Elpis.

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Elpis Battle Game Review

Elpis Battle is a tactical turn-based strategy Role-playing Game (RPG) in which players can engage in various activities. It utilized Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and was developed by Elpis Game Studio.

The player’s main goal is to build a strong team of heroes and defeat enemies. In addition to the battle, you can develop your hero by improving the skills and equipping it with weapons, armor, potions, and other items. You can even recruit pets to help you fight against monsters.

The Elpis development team aims to provide new Elpis Battle gamers with a novel experience by fusing Cryptocurrency, NFT Gaming, and DeFi. In Elpis, players can participate in the economy by making and trading goods, as well as reading and writing stories about the fictional metaverse of Elpis.

Game Mechanics

Many participants tend to place too much weight on the rising play-to-earn trend. As more and more crypto games are released in the future, only those that provide consistent, well-thought-out, and enjoyable play will be able to keep their player base and community intact.

The game features Dungeon Mode (Adventure mode) and Arena gameplay. On Elpis Battle, players must rent heroes from the game’s Tavern to complete certain quests.

The objective of Dungeon Mode is to gain experience and loot from the Dungeon in exchange for the player’s successful completion of the mode.

You can go to any of the seven distinct planets that make up Elpis World. In every level, players face off against hostile NPCs. By claiming victory, you will receive incentives and unlock access to the next map.

Raid Boss: There will be a raid boss event every week. It would help if you had a full squad of four heroes to enter the fray. Each participant will receive one free entry ticket every day.

Gamers can obtain Raid Boss Tickets by completing full daily quests, converting consumed energy in-game, or purchasing tickets using $MEG.

OpenMeta: The MDEX Foundation has fostered OpenMeta, an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that includes a creation tool, a launchpad, and a farming platform.

It has four main features: NFT Primary, the NFT marketplace, the NFT farm, and My NFT.

Through staking, users can create and trade NFTs and advanced NFT services like ICOs, mystery box pre-sales, and NFT farming.

You can visit the game’s Marketplace, https://elpis.game/marketplace, where you must connect your crypto wallet to begin trading, purchasing, or exchanging in-game assets.


Through the Scholarship feature, gamers can provide other players access to their accounts and the use of their assets in-game. The shared players can utilize the game and the consumable items, but they cannot buy or sell anything on the blockchain.

Scholarships are the most cost-effective option for aspiring gamers to explore without spending any cash. If a player, addressed as an owner or manager, has a large roster of heroes, they can delegate account access to other players, addressed as scholars, by using this feature. \

The accounts are accessible to students, who may then play the games and split the proceeds with the account holders.

In Elpis Battle, heroes must be moved by their owners to new accounts, with a minimum of four needed per team.

Elpis Battle Tokenomics

Elpis Battle issues two tokens, the $EBA and the $MEG, to encourage users to participate in ecosystem activities while maintaining economic stability.

Both tokens are under BNB Chain. You can visit the game’s Whitepaper to learn more about the token’s Liquidity, Usage, and Schedule.

Token MEG

In Elpis Battle, players are rewarded with $MEG tokens, which may be used both as a reward and as a form of in-game currency.

Players can Trade MEG on PancakeSwap or Pandora DEX.

In-game currency $MEG serves as a means of trade for virtual goods and services. Even if there is no central body to control it, the price of $MEG should be stabilized, and its decentralized nature should be protected. To accomplish this, the team proposes using an Elastic Emission process to maintain an ongoing cost.

Token EBA

EBA Token is used for decentralized governance. Moreover, $EBA is a valuable asset since it represents the worth of the Elpis ecosystem in Yield Farming, DAO Governance, and Staking.

It has a maxed supply of 1,000,000,000. Gamers can trade EBA on PancakeSwap or KyberSwap.

xEBA: After staking EBA tokens into the Ancient Tree pool, users are rewarded with xEBA, a fork of EBA. Users with xEBA are entitled to compound staking rewards at no additional cost. As a result, xEBA tokens are more valuable than conventional EBA tokens since they continually accrue the value of EBA tokens through staking.

Play-to-earn with Elpis Battle

There are several ways to earn money in Elpis Battle. You can sell your products to merchants and buy goods from them. You can go into dungeons and collect rare loot to make extra money. Many dungeons include mining, milling, training, quest, arena, guild, etc.

In addition to the above activities, you can also play games with friends. You can join a guild and compete with others to win prizes. You can also challenge other people to duel.

The Dungeons and the PvP Arena are all highly competitive activities where you can compete for unique rewards.

Time spent playing the game can be turned into cash even if you don’t have a powerful squad. You can earn in various easy ways, such as mining, training skills, or recruiting Heroes.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Elpis Battle!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Elpis Battle

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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