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Happyland is inspired by the Texas countryside. USA. In Happyland, players have the opportunity to become a farm owner, as farm owner players are able to participate in soil tillage, raise plants/cattle and decorate their farm. Through that, each player helps build a combined metaverse with many various farms and each with their own style.

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Happyland Game Review

The farming game Happyland was developed on Binance Smart Chain, and its aesthetic was influenced by the rural FarmVille-like landscape of Texas, USA.

Players in Happyland can buy a farm, where they may cultivate the land, tend to their crops and livestock, and personalize their space in any way they see fit. This way, everyone contributes to a multi-farm metaverse where many unique farms coexist.

Everything on Happyland has real-world currency values because of the platform’s integration with blockchain technology. Any object’s rarity, quality, and price depend on its characteristics. Everything in this NFT game may be considered a digital asset that can be exchanged in the NFT marketplace.

By offering consumers genuine financial or economic advantage alongside enjoyment and a seamless game experience, Happyland hopes to elevate the gaming industry and blockchain gaming platform to new heights. The game’s guild comprises Polkastarter Gaming Guild, Good Games Guild, and Play It Forward.

To join the whitelist, you can either maintain a Uniswap or PancakeSwap account holding POLS liquidity provider tokens for at least seven days or use tally data from the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance (BNB) networks.

Happyland’s gameplay is very adaptable, with unlimited earning potential. It is mobile-friendly, working with iOS and Android, as well as the player’s computer’s browser and WAP. For more game updates, you can visit the game’s social media accounts like Telegram (https://t.me/HappyLand_HPL).

Game Mechanics

Players on Happyland have the opportunity to make a legitimate profit and do it in a setting that is both soothing and entertaining. A player’s avatar can be responsible for a little farm and its inhabitants.

Participants must register an account tied to a digital currency wallet like MetaMask to purchase land in HappyLand. Happyland’s servers are where the layer’s information lives.

The player begins HappyLand with one house and a little storage area, and they must later purchase a plot of land with soil to develop crops and raise livestock.

$HPL is used to buy the soil.

The HappyLand Marketplace allows players to acquire or trade land with other players.

Forestry Plants

At first, the gamer will see forestry plants. To gather the forest plants, players must invest both time and cryptocurrency.

Collecting forestry plants rewards user experience and random amounts of rare (R1 through R5) wood.

Players have 24 hours to harvest as many forestry plants as they can find on their map before they disappear again (this can vary depending on the stage of the game).

Agricultural Plants

For plants used in agriculture to plant, players must first spend the game token on seeds, with various varieties yielding different plants. Crop yields vary from region to region and year to year, depending on the agriculture used and the soil rarity. Also, seed selection affects harvest timing.

If players sow seeds but fail to water or harvest their crops in due time, the plants will wither and perish.


In TechLab, users may cultivate crops, nurture animals, and cultivate land to create a rarer, more valuable variant. About the initial version, there are no limits to what you can do. You can even mix breeds to come up with something unique. But it’s not just about producing things; it’s also about ensuring everything runs smoothly.

TechLab is a sandbox game where you can play around without worrying about anything else. And since you’ll never run out of resources, you don’t need to stress over money either.

Happyland Tokenomics

The game uses the two-token model to ensure the sustainability & scalability of its ecosystem.

To encourage users to participate in the ecosystem’s activities, $HPL and $HPW are used as economic incentives.

The goal is to create an internal circulating economy by rewarding players for interacting with HappyLand and encouraging using tokens for a transaction.

Also, it spread out control over landholdings and administration. Players can buy HPL and HPW on Pancakeswap.


Once the entire ecosystem is community-driven, HPL holders can vote on how it is developed and governed using HPL, the governance token.

Players in HappyLand utilize HPL to purchase and deploy land parcels.

To secure passive income rewards in HPL and HPW, investors stake to lock HPL. HPL holders can benefit from staking the longer the locked stake lasts. In addition to having a voice in the ecosystem’s governance and voting, HPL holders will be eligible for exclusive benefits.

The token is used for administration, stakeout, farm upgrades, and NFT payment on the marketplace.


Virtual crypto money is used to buy pretty much everything in a game. In addition, HPW is the primary token users will get rewards for. To help burn $HPW tokens, the team will build a few mini-games.

Play-to-earn with Happyland

There are a lot of methods to “Play to Earn” in HappyLand. You tend your land and rear your livestock just like a real farmer.

The first step in the P2E procedure is to acquire land in Happyland. In Happyland, you may choose from the Highlands, the Valleys, the Woods, the Meadows, and the Euphorias.

You need to spend some initial HPL to acquire a piece of land and then convert that HPL to HPW. The game’s consumables, from seeds to animals, may be purchased with HPW.

Your plants’ output may be affected by various external circumstances. The frequency with which you water your plants, the presence or absence of fertilizer, and the presence or absence of pests are all examples. Because of the complexity of real-world farming, Tazogames studio has made an effort to make crop planting in HappyLand as realistic as possible.

On HappyLand, making money is as easy as buying seeds from the store, planting them in your plot, and then selling the growing crops for a profit. It costs 70 HPW to purchase one wheat seed, and once planted on a single plot of land; it will yield 40 wheat plants, each of which may be sold for 3 HPW. If you put in 100 HPW and get 120 HPW when you sell it, your return on investment is 70 HPW.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Happyland!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Happyland

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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