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The world's first AAA-Rated GAMEFI 2.0 Space Metaverse is now here! Go on a journey across the universe while earning IME and IMC. The Imperium metaverse is a 3rd person RTS game that features a wide variety of PvE and PvP gameplay, where players team-to-earn by joining a guild of friends to conquer the metaverse and build their empires.

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Imperium Empires Game Review

The Avalanche Blockchain drives the space metaverse of Imperium Empires, a third-person real-time MMO strategy game. The blockchain game has a wide variety of features, including player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) gaming, guilds, looting of war artifacts, asteroid mining, starship customization, and more.

Having worked as a Capital Markets attorney for over seven years, Cliff Yung now serves as the CEO of Imperium Empires. Yung started the cryptocurrency market in 2017.

They believe the most important aspect of a successful game is the gameplay itself. To achieve this, they spent a lot of time creating unique mechanics and systems that allow them to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the genre. One example is the ability to control multiple ships simultaneously, allowing you to take down enemy bases while protecting your own.

Additionally, the game offers several unique features, such as a powerful AI system, player-controlled economies, and an intuitive UI. To ensure that there are no bugs, the game automatically tests every change to ensure that it doesn’t break the game.

According to its whitepaper, four key issues, shared by most blockchain games, were highlighted by the Imperium Empires, such as unsustainable tokenomics with no NFT burn mechanism in PvP battles, lack of deep DeFi integration, and lack of guild-based gameplay.

The team addressed the issue by Constructing an AAA-level virtual world using in-house game designers and programmers and building the first guild-based team-based game, where players’ guilds directly affect their earnings.

Game Mechanics

Imperium Empires is an AAA metaverse game with engaging and tough space warfare that makes it stand out from the crowd of click-to-earn blockchain games. For those who have never played a real-time strategy or space warfare game before, Imperium Empires makes things simple by having all players begin in the Safe Zone.

In PvE engagements, players may relax and focus on the game’s combat mechanisms without worrying about their spacecraft. Disabled spacecraft may be easily repaired in the Safe Zone, making it a great place for beginners or those who want to play with fewer stakes.

Players in PvP Combat zone warfare take up this danger in exchange for earning more in-game currency. Players looking for the finest loot should head to the War Zone, where ships and components can be destroyed for good.

In addition to its intense PvP combat, Imperium Empires’ PvE mode also has some great activities, such as mining asteroids. Several asteroids spread throughout different zones. Players may mine them for ores, then transport them to refineries, where they can be processed and sold for play-to-earn prizes or contributed to guilds for use in constructing and improving buildings.

Team-to-earn: Join forces with your friends in epic guild conflicts and reap the spoils.

PvE: Mine, refine, and transport rare commodities so you can strengthen your fleet and organization. Fight pirate bands for the chance to plunder valuable riches.

PvP: Fight other guilds for control of space-based territories.


Spaceships are the key component of the Metaverse economy. They offer players a way to trade items and earn Ether while exploring the vast space around us. Each spaceship serves a specific purpose within the Imperium’s metaverse. Players can use their spaceships to mine asteroids, explore planets, protect settlements, engage in combat, and much more.

Each spaceship is made for a particular mission and is outfitted with special abilities. Some fighters are designed for fast travel; others are built for long-distance exploration. Some spaceships are armed with powerful weapons like cannons and missiles, while some are built for stealth operations.

The best part about playing an NFT game is that you don’t just play against AI opponents; you can fight real people online. You can battle against friends and foes and see how well you do against other players.


Safe Zones allow gamers to buy up to millions of acres of space in the galaxy. These are large chunks of real estate, much larger than the average player’s home. They include asteroids, planets, moons, gas giants, and black holes.

The Safe Zones are intended to be a haven where players can dock ships without fear of being attacked. This includes both combat and non-combat ships. Players will be able to use the Safe Zones as places to store goods such as refined ores and as a way to advertise their products.

Imperium Empires Tokenomics

Players earn IME tokens while playing the game, which can purchase special items, recruit heroes, hire advisors, buy land, or exchange for other cryptos. In addition, players can use IME tokens to participate in tournaments and win prizes.

The Imperium Empires (IME) Token is the game’s governance token and the only way to gain control of the empire. It may be obtained through seasonal tournament payouts and the sale of plundered spacecraft parts.

Players may use it to buy unique items on the NFT marketplace and bet IME tokens to advance their guilds.

The quantity of IMC tokens, the game’s in-game currency, is unrestricted to accommodate the game’s eventual number of users. They may be acquired mostly through the sale of gathered ores and guild handouts.

As part of the ecosystem, players can also mine IMC coins, which are needed to unlock new maps and heroes.

Spaceships and components can be repaired with IMC tokens, as well as the price of maintaining guild facilities and contributing to the cost of building a guild.

Play-to-earn with Imperium Empires

There are several ways to earn IME tokens, including mining, refining ore, offering space station facilities, and even selling the items produced by those stations.

You can also provide the capabilities of your guild to repair damaged spacecraft. This allows players to make money from their hard work while helping fellow pilots.

Some guild facilities can be monetized as well. These include things like the ability to sell salvageable materials.

The game will evenly distribute the income generated from these activities among the guild members. The earnings will come directly into the crypto wallet of each member and can be withdrawn at any time.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Imperium Empires!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Imperium Empires

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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