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Metacrafters is a Web3 education platform where developers can Learn & Earn: earn rewards while learning, mentoring others, and upskilling towards a new career.

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Metacrafters Game Review

Proof of Learn (POL), a blockchain-based platform for teaching people about smart contracts and decentralized applications, has launched its first project called Metacrafters.

Metacrafters is a free educational game designed to teach users how to build smart contracts and earn cryptocurrency.

Metacrafters is an interactive tutorial where players are rewarded with tokens for completing tasks such as writing smart contracts, creating wallets, and mining cryptocurrencies.

The goal of Metacrafters is to help educate people about Web 3 technology trends and encourage them to become active participants in the development of the ecosystem. By providing a fun and engaging way to learn, the team hopes to attract a wide audience and ultimately increase the adoption of Web 3 technology.

In addition to the Metacrafters project, POL is developing several other projects in collaboration with partners like Animoca Brands, Golden Tree Asset Management, Gumi, and Infinity Ventures Crypto. These include POL Academy, POL University, POL Blockchain Lab, POL Labs, and POL Research.

The Metacraft Team, Sheila Lirio Marcelo (Founder and CEO), Kevin Yang (Co-Founder and Head of Product), Lauren Tornow (Co-founder and Head of Tokenomics), Kelly Wahlberg (CFO), Sujal Shah (Head of Engineering), and Jeff Ryan (VP, Tokenomics) shares the same passion when it comes to GameFi projects and plans to introduce a Metaverse universe game.

Examples are mapping on chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH), which allow players to play on the chain and give the player a unique NFT game identity.

You can visit the game’s official website, https://www.metacrafters.io/, to learn more about the game’s Roadmap, Creator Cup, and Start Learning.

Game Mechanics

Metacrafters currently provides education in Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), Flow, Avalanche (AVAX), and Polygon, with plans to expand into other web3 languages. Students can access video lectures and a real-world coding environment.

Team-based gameplay and player-versus-player programming tournaments are just two examples of what the gaming industry has in store.

It’s a game that teaches programmers how to write code for the blockchain while immersing them in the history and mythology of the technology. With experience, programmers can earn crypto prizes and marketable web3 abilities.

The goal is to make it possible for anyone with access to the Internet and an interest in video games to become a smart contract developer and support themselves financially.

You can use a portal in the training facility to access a procedurally generated level. Unlock rooms by accomplishing objectives like killing Centralian hounds and collecting things. After a crafting task, the player is rewarded with a virtual good and experience.

Metacrafters’ website will serve as the backbone for the Metacraft NFT Marketplace, which Metaplex powers. On all secondary NFT sales, Metacrafters will receive an 8% royalty.

The type of NFTs are Proof of Learn NFTs, Treasure NFTs, Genesis Block NFTs, Geneis Guardian PFP NFTs, Learning Guild NFTs, and Land Plot NFTs.

Tuition Assistance

Patrons like YGG offer financial aid to talented artisans so that they can afford to continue their education and take higher classes.

Yield Guild Games is an online gaming community that helps gamers worldwide with investment advice that works together to win crypto-based incentives in play-to-earn games. Patrons receive a portion of the benefits earned by Craftspeople who obtain financial aid to pay for school.

MetaCrafters Tokenomics

The game utilizes a two-token economy.

CRED Token

Metacrafters use $CRED as their in-game currency.

You can say that one USDC equals one $CRED. Crafters and Metacrafters utilize this currency when purchasing courses or receiving rewards for completing them. Solana’s native USDC can be sent to the $CRED token wrapper contract to be converted into $CRED.

Until the $CRED is returned, the contract will hold onto the equivalent USDC, which will be burned and made available to the user.


The $CRAFT is the governance token in the virtual world of Metacrafters.

$CRAFT is not tied to any other currency and relies only on the market’s ability to determine its value. It has a pre-mined, set supply of 1 billion, and the Metacrafters’ central bank controls its emission.

Collectible NFTs can be purchased for $CRAFT and combined to create new, more powerful Treasure NFTs, and holders will also get access to special regions within the game world.

Play-to-earn with MetaCrafters

With experience, programmers can earn crypto prizes and marketable web3 abilities. An advanced or intermediate course is available for a fee that the maker can recoup if they finish it on time.

After finishing a course, a Proof of Learn NFT will be issued to the maker as a public, verifiable badge of honor.

When a course is completed successfully, the user receives a Treasure NFT that may be used in the game or traded with other players on the Metacrafters NFT marketplace.

Artists who sign up for and finish the free introductory course will receive a discount of 50% on their next paid course.

A sponsor may offer a $250 incentive for completing a course. Crafters who finish the course within 30 days are eligible to receive these limited incentives, which are paid in the sponsor’s token, $CRED or $CRAFT. Crafters, Patrons, Course Creators, Teaching Assistants, and Metacrafters receive a portion of these Rewards.

Staked $CRAFT, valued at a fraction of its original value and proportional to the course’s difficulty, will be awarded for course completion in the future. A Crafter’s ability to win or lose staked $CRAFT in competitive coding competitions is based on the quality of their submissions.

The money collected from recruits will develop new Crafter rewards and improve existing ones.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Metacrafters!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Phantom Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Metacrafters

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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