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ev.io is a first-person shooter developed by Addicting Games. It takes a lot of inspiration from "Bungee-style" shooters, like Halo or Destiny. Beta launched in January of 2021 and it already has over 400,000 registered users. The game plays directly in the browser with no downloads or installs and is designed first and foremost to be highly accessible on all desktop devices.

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ev.io Game Review

ev.io game, developed by ev.io, is a multiplayer online first-person shooter (FPS) crypto game. Many of its design ideas come from “Bungee-style” games like Halo and Destiny.

Since its beta release, the service has attracted more than 400 thousand NFT game subscribers. The game is optimized for ease of use across browser platforms, so no additional downloads or installations are required.

Solana blockchain hosts ev.io. The game developers selected Solana for its widespread use, web-centric design, minimal fees, and high-quality UX on blockchain gaming.

The ev.io NFT initiative is more than just a fancy crypto scheme with the hope of awesome games later on.

The game developer feels that gamers can differentiate themselves from other NFT projects by focusing on and devoting significant time and energy to developing compelling gameplay that is also widely accessible.

For the launch, ev.io has teamed up with Fractal.is, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, co-founded by Justin Kan.

Game Mechanics

The free-to-play and the play-to-earn crypto online game is looking to add some extra features to improve its ecosystem. This includes adding more weapons, weapon skins, maps, modes, and items. They’re also planning on releasing a mobile version of the game.

In addition, the developers want to expand the player base by introducing a system where players earn rewards just by playing the game. These rewards will come in the form of Ethereum ERC721 tokens. Players will receive one daily and can use it to buy special items or unlock bonus features.

Solo mode allows players to select their favorite hero and fight alone against AI bots. Teams allow players to form alliances and compete against others in matches. Alliances can consist of up to four people. If a team wins a match, they gain points. Points accumulate over time to determine how high they rank within their alliance.

Beyond the standard “point and shoot” gameplay, ev.io offers a wide variety of unique and entertaining powers, such as teleportation, triple jump, impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades.

ev.io PvP and PvE game modes are deathmatches, team deathmatch, battle royals, capture the flag, survival, and mayhem.

Clans can gain better in-game and real-world benefits by working together to complete challenges, winning games, and generally having a spot on the leaderboard.

The game has introduced 23 playable maps called Drought, Ancient, Hut 8, Fractal, Pawn, Dragon Temple, Enclave, Graveyard, Gypsum, Bishop, Little Town 2065, Dusk, Frostbite, Intrepid, Trident, Rook, Fracture, Checkpoint, Evasion, Sanctum, Monorail, Rotation, and Celarus.


The term “clan” refers to a group of gamers united under a common banner. They can fight alongside each other and use special abilities granted to them by the clan leader.

Clans can be formed for many reasons, including friendship, competition, and governance. Some clans are focused on a certain unit type, while others focus on a specific role like artillery.

In addition to forming clans, Ev.io offers a variety of ways to rank your units. You can assign ranks to individual units or give your entire clan a single rank. There are three main ranks: bronze, silver, and gold. 

Bronze is the lowest rank awarded to players for completing basic tasks such as killing enemies and defending bases. Silver ranks are given to players for accomplishing more difficult tasks like destroying multiple enemy units at once. Gold ranks are reserved for players who excel at playing the game.

ev.io Tokenomics

SOL is the utility token of ev.io.

You may buy SOL with ev.io NFTs. There is a strength rating for each weapon and skin. The more you level up, the more SOL you get for completing each objective.

In-game activities like PvP battles, daily quests, clan battles, grinding, and advancement contribute to your NFT total. The strongest NFTs are the ones that become uncommon and valuable, but they also generate the most SOL.

All NFT holders will soon have their in-game money exchanged for SOL. To gain income and change to SOL, you need to have an ev.io NFT.

Play-to-earn with ev.io

ev.io is a free-to-play browser game that has become a trend in cryptocurrency esports. Participants assume the role of one of four playable champions and engage in combat across five distinct arenas. There are three ways to win matches: destroy enemy towers, capture points, and complete objectives.

Every match starts with a random map chosen by the system. This ensures every player can start the match on even ground.

The developers of ev.io are allowing sponsors to advertise their marketing efforts on the games’ billboards and loading menus, making the game accessible to institutional investors. They help fund the game’s development even more by subscribing to the advertising service weekly, monthly, or annually.

In addition to earning rewards for winning games, players can spend real-world money on items such as skins and weapons for their champions. These items can be purchased within the game or via the Fractal Marketplace. Once bought, these items cannot be sold or traded again. They can, however, be used to customize your champion and give him special abilities.

The game’s goal is straightforward: defend your fortress while destroying the enemy. Your goal is to build enough resources to buy powerful equipment and upgrade your character. You must use your earnings to purchase better gear and unlock new skills.

The most potent NFTs, while extremely rare and precious, also generate the most SOL. Therefore, the system rewards players who consistently play, intending to get better and move up the rankings.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with ev.io!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Phantom Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with ev.io

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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