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Nomad Exile is an RPG game with different multiplayer mechanics. The project is based on a play-to-earn monetization model which allows players to earn in the game.The game genre is sci-fi with elements of the medieval setting (Dune,Star Wars, etc.).

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Nomad Exile Game Review

Nomad Exiles is a role-playing game set in the future under Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Earth is divided into five kingdoms, each ruled by one of the Five Great Houses. These houses are constantly fighting each other while trying to expand their territories.

Regarding P2E game models, Nomad Exiles is in a league of its own, making it a trend in crypto games. Co-founding Pride Games Studio with Alexander Lozinsky is Vyacheslav Arventiev. The Game Designer, Daria Karelina, has 2D and 3D graphics experience, leading her to many projects.

The developers developed a novel aesthetic design by fusing elements of South American tribal culture—specifically, those of the Aztecs and Mayas—with crystal punk, a cyberpunk subgenre in which crystals are the core of technological progress.

According to the game’s Roadmap, it has accomplished some of its milestones, such as the Private round, Public round, DEX listing, CEX listing PRIDE, and the First battle location.

Game Mechanics

Nomad Exiles is set in the Middle Ages but with a dash of post-irony and the dazzling magic of spirits. Traveling to the Misty Islands, the first of many worlds visited by the players of the Pride Metaverse, is an experience that only true connoisseurs will appreciate due to the numerous references to modern society and historical events.

Numerous gameplay mechanics in Nomad Exiles can be used for fun and profit. Engaging in PvP battles with other gamers in the Arena, constructing and defending a settlement, trading, crafting, dungeon traversal, and much more are just some of the activities available to you in this game.

Arena: Battle it out in the Arena, and the best player may win. Compete in tournaments, hone your talents, and defeat your opponents to amass wealth and the awe of your foes.

Base: You’ve made the ancient ruins your own by restoring them. Hideout inside the fort while you arm yourself and plot your assault on the wastes.

Crypt: To unlock the massive doors, it took weeks. Large bunkers were built by the “Ancients” in the event of the apocalypse, but these structures eventually became graveyards for the unfortunate.

Oasis: Past cataclysms nearly wiped out life on Earth, yet some cozy homes and access to vital supplies remain.

Bosses: Following a catastrophic event, survival is a game of who has the most power. And that authority belongs to the one who used terror and cruelty to bring together the bandits and marauders.

Tiger: Legends of the mad were born because people feared the dangerous Wasteland. There’s a rumor that if you venture into that area, you’ll end up in pieces, thanks to the tiger that dwells there.

Nomad Exiles NFT Heroes

With NFT heroes, players may engage with the game world in all its free-to-play mechanics, progressing through the primary and secondary storylines, winning in PvP arenas, and farming PvE dungeons for rewards that players can trade for EXILE tokens.

Incorporating NFT heroes into your battle squad is a great way to increase your team’s overall strength and unlock secret areas where you can find valuable resources. The actions of the additional NFT heroes allow for the development of romantic and platonic relationships, the completion of individual quests, and many more possibilities.

Each of the three primary hero classes in NFT is represented by a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Mages.

In addition, players can breed NFT heroes to create entirely new characters with special traits and abilities that were unavailable to the original cast.

Nomad Exile Tokenomics

Players will be able to acquire and use unique tokens inside each game. The EXILE token in Nomad Exiles will serve as a means of powering up your hero, outfitting your lands, and more.

PRIDE tokens are up for grabs at a giveaway that Seedify is holding. There was a token sale on the Kommunitas launchpad, and there are still whitelist slots available.

PRIDE tokens are up for grabs at giveaways. The Nomad Exile IDO was successful on platforms such as Trustpad, Seedify, TruePNL, and PolkaBridge.


The $PRIDE token’s primary use case is accessing games developed in Pride Games Studio.

You’ll be able to acquire heroes using $PRIDE tokens in NFT sales, further cementing the token’s role in the project. The token supply has been reduced due to the burning of 60% of the total tokens.

Nomad Exiles’ staking pool is where PRIDE holders can deposit their coins and earn rewards. The total supply of PRIDE tokens is 250,000,000.


EXILE crypto token is used for crafting, obtaining, upgrading weapons, trading resources, speeding up waiting times for certain processes, and participating in in-game sweepstakes.

In-game EXILE tokens can be purchased with USDT and then cashed out or traded for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). You can also earn EXILE tokens by participating in time-limited events within the game.

Play-to-earn with Nomad Exile

The player receives a modest commission from the sum of all NFT activity of other players, regardless of the building types present.

NFT Heroes: Players can begin mining game resources for improving heroes after acquiring a level 1 NFT hero. The next step is for players to either buy and trade the resources in the in-game NFT market with other players or invest in character upgrades to increase their resource yield.

A player can also make rental income by renting out their NFTs, allowing someone else to pump their NFTs and extract resources on their behalf.

Owning an Island: The Owner starts making more money from the players’ actions depending on the building type, not the actual location of the actions.

The Owner earns the highest possible part of the commission whenever players utilize the Owner’s building directly for crafting, trading, PVP, or breeding, regardless of the NFT race used.

The Owner can boost their land’s income by improving it, which will result in a higher commission rate and more visitors.

Those capable of taking on high-level PvP and PvE content will be rewarded handsomely with EXILE tokens. However, a lot of effort and rivalry will be needed.

The fights for the top spots on the leaderboard will be contested in a tournament format, with the winners receiving real-world rewards and tokens.

You can earn additional in-game tokens for completing in-game activities, reaching higher levels of play, or achieving unique achievements. There will be many tasks to complete if you want to earn in-game currencies.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Nomad Exile!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Nomad Exile

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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