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Toyo starts as a play-to-earn strategic PVP/PVE blockchain fighting game with NFT action-figure characters, body parts, and item ownership. It is thematically inspired by the toys of many generations’ childhoods. Toyo will continually evolve into an open-world MMO, full of adventures and side game mechanics.

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Toyoverse Game Review

The Toyo Metaverse is not only a virtual universe. The game’s principles are backed by an extensive LORE that spans thousands of years. The Toyoverse and ours certainly share parallels, but their histories couldn’t be more dissimilar.

In this ruined world, only Toyos remain, as all humans have long since abandoned it. The team intends to release a series of comics, books, TV shows, and movies in tandem with the game, all of which will help players understand the simulation’s complicated and terrible history.

Since Polygon is an Ethereum (ETH) layer 2, the developers decided to operate Toyo on the blockchain. This will result in speedier transactions for the players and the team and extremely low gas fees or on-chain interaction costs.

The game is still in its Alpha season. You can visit the game’s official website or social media accounts like Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

Game Mechanics

ToyoVerse is a new world where players can experience what it feels like to become a toy. There are many worlds within ToyoVerse, each representing a different part of the human imagination. Also, each world contains multiple regions containing numerous districts, towns, cities, villages, and areas.

Each area has thousands of Toyos, each with its style and personality. Players can customize their Toyos and take them on quests, explore the world, battle against enemies, and much more.

Each Toyo will continuously evolve, becoming stronger, faster, and smarter. They will gain levels, learn new skills, and unlock new abilities. The ToyoVerse ecosystem features a robust economy, allowing players to buy, sell, trade, and auction items.

The gameplay is easy, and players can play ToyoVerse solo or online with friends. The blockchain game wanted to ensure everyone got a fair chance, and they offered a variety of ways to earn points.

From playing games to completing missions, you can obtain points for free. Use these points to buy whatever you like from the marketplace, including limited editions of your favorite toys. As a bonus, you can use them to enter tournaments and events, including the Grand Prix.

The game modes are basic PvP, advanced PvP, hardcore PvP, relay Team PvP, tournaments, PvE tasks (Per User), PvE quests (per user), PvE challenges (per Toyo), and PvE limited seasonal quests.


These Toyos are sentient action figures bonded together through a cyber device called a “Heart Bond.” A strong connection between the human and Toyo creates a powerful warrior.

The futurists of Lucid Dreams imagined Toyo. Their ideas inform their work in the present of the world in the future.

ToyoVerse NFTs

Every Toyo is assembled from ten NFT game parts. Collecting the parts will allow players to customize their Toyos and equip them with better weapons. Each part contains unique properties and stats, making it possible to build up high-powered Toyos.

The most powerful Toyos will contain rarer parts or better combinations of parts. Those components will cost more for players to purchase.

Toyo NFT body parts are divided into rarity levels which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Limited, Collectors and Prototype. Each rarity level represents a specific number of Toyo parts that can be used in the creation of one single Toyo.

Although a Toyo’s rarity does not directly correlate to its fighting effectiveness, it provides some advantages. For example, rare parts give players better odds of finding rarer, higher-quality Toyo parts in scavenger missions and Genesis Unboxings.

Toyoverse Tokenomics

True digital asset ownership and decentralization may profoundly affect people’s daily lives.

Players in Toyo will be rewarded with NFTs, governance tokens, and in-game currency tokens for their participation in the economics of the game.


It is planned that $BOND, the in-game Utility Token in the Toyo Metaverse, will be the driving force behind the play-to-earn economy.

$BOND will be used for various purposes, including but not limited to gaining access to more difficult PVP battles, completing scavenger objectives, personalizing and repairing Toyos, and more.

If a token is utilized in one of these mechanisms, it will be destroyed, turning it into a scarce and precious commodity.

The Token can be mined by participating in various play-to-earn activities across the many game modes in the Toyo Universe, such as completing in-game quests, engaging in PvP battles, participating in scavenger hunts, and more.


$TOYO is the governance token of the game.

Along with bolstering the ecosystem with decentralized power, this feature will also be integrated into a few aspects of the games.

Governing the $TOYO Dollars Members of the Toyo metaverse community who possess tokens will have a voice in shaping the platform through a series of crucial governance votes. Furthermore, it allows holders to stake their coins.

The Toyo private sale on Seedify Launchpad was a success. TOYO has a total Supply of 150,000,000, with 9,83% private sale and 2,67% public sale allocation. Additionally, there is a 10% TGE vesting and 22.5% monthly allocation.

Play-to-earn with Toyoverse

After customizing the Toyo action figure, the player can earn in-game items. Players can compete against one another in several different PVP modes and complete PVE missions and objectives in exchange for crypto tokens and NFT reward items.

Players can earn in-game cryptocurrency tokens by playing different game modes.

Basic PVP: The victor raises their character’s overall performance and acquires standard items and in-game cash.

Advanced PVP: Gamers can earn the value of admission tokens multiplied by 1.75 times the in-game currency.

Hardcore PVP: You can earn the loser’s dismembered Toyo.

PvE Tasks, PvE Challenges, and PvE Quest: The game’s currency and common things are up for grabs for players. In addition, players can get unique artifacts and badges to facilitate the activation of additional game functions.

Players can obtain everything from everyday items to NFTs as rewards depending on the difficulty level.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Toyoverse!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Toyoverse

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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