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DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn game built on a strong DeFi protocol with plans to become a fully-fledged MMORPG in later phases of the Roadmap. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs, which all together create a beautiful, immersive online world in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

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DeFi Kingdoms Game Review

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based RPG where players build their kingdoms by playing the game and earning crypto tokens. It is a dApp on Harmony One where players can use those tokens to buy items, hire NPCs, unlock special features, etc.

Avalanche Blockchain is in charge of the blockchain game. Using blockchain technology, it is a decentralized financial ecosystem. Its native cryptocurrency, JEWEL, is used throughout the system to facilitate peer-to-peer lending opportunities.

All loans and payments are processed via smart contracts, making it one of the most secure ways to borrow money.The crypto game is played by creating and managing digital assets known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens stand in for tangible things like paintings, sculptures, and even mansions.

A major feature of the game is its ability to generate interest income, gaining thousands of subscribers on its different platforms. The game allows players to earn monthly dividends while holding onto their holdings. This creates a win-win scenario where both lenders and borrowers benefit.

Game Mechanics

According to its Whitepaper, there are now two UniswapV2 Protocol-based decentralized exchanges in this NFT game. While the DEX in Serendale accepts JEWEL and many other crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Binance for trade, the DEX in Crystalvale accepts CRYSTAL, AVAX, and many other tokens for trading on DFK Chain.

The gameplay offers several ways to play, such as collecting resources, doing daily quests, exploring dungeons, battling in PvP, crafting items, and even trading items with others.

However, the most exciting part of this GameFi project is that it combines the concept of crypto collectibles with a traditional RPG. Players start with just a few tokens and must work hard to level up throughout the game.

Hero NFTs, which may be purchased at the game’s Tavern and then called at the Portal, are integral to the game’s core themes.

Jeweler 2.0

The advantages veToken governance model have been integrated into The Jeweler 2.0, along with a system for doling out in-game Power-Ups, airdrop bonuses, and service gas fees.

In Crystalvale, the Governance Token is referred to as cJEWEL, while in Serendale, it is referred to as sJEWEL.

By leaving their JEWEL with the Jeweler in the relevant realm for an extended period, players can earn cJEWEL or sJEWEL tokens. This locking mechanism incentivizes staking in the protocol. It gives individuals committed to the project for the long haul a greater say in its direction and a larger cut of its rewards.

Jeweler 1.0: The Jeweler 1.0 borrowed its staking mechanism for JEWEL and CRYSTAL from SushiSwap’s SushiBar contract in exchange for xJEWEL and xCRYSTAL. The Power Token to xToken exchange rate increased due to the conversion of a portion of in-game revenue.

DeFi Kingdoms Tokenomics

The two tokens’ values are intertwined because of the similarity between their uses. This means that the value of earlier tokens will not depreciate due to cross-chain expansion, creating fascinating arbitrage opportunities across blockchains.

On the DFK Chain, where all of Crystalvale’s in-game financial dealings occur, JEWEL is also utilized to pay gas fees. Each token can also be exchanged at the Jeweler for governance tokens and used to vote on significant issues when voting is required.


The JEWEL token debuted on Harmony Blockchain. The native token far exceeds a standard cryptocurrency token when used as the primary currency in a metaverse game.

With JEWEL, you can buy Hero NFTs, which can be used to acquire additional JEWEL and other benefits. JEWEL can be exchanged for other tokens and in-game items through the DEX, and it can also be combined with other Heroes and products to create new Heroes. This is in addition to sharing profits and participating in many liquidity pools or governance.

However, JEWEL tokens can be earned by staking liquidity provider tokens in the gardens, and each garden represents the player’s total share.


The new power token, CRYSTAL, was developed to coincide with the addition of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale to the DFK Chain.

Like JEWEL in Serendale, CRYSTAL serves an important function within Crystalvale. It can be used to buy and mint Hero NFTs, trade on the in-game DEX, stake for fee distribution, liquidity pool, and vote on relevant governance issues.

Play-to-earn with DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a decentralized finance app where players stake their cryptocurrency to grow and unlock different assets. Users deposit their cryptocurrencies into the game and start staking for in-game rewards.

Gamers can also swap their tokens in exchange for others, trade items, and even stake in bank accounts.

Quests completed in the trades grant more experience and materials than those completed in the castle. You can also hire a hero. If you want to make some JEWEL, you can rent out your hero to other players for a small fee, and they can utilize them to do the same.

If you want to know how much money you can make with your heroes, the trade missions are the best bet, as the castle mission pays out less than average. You can sell the goods you make in the craft missions for gold or whatever cryptocurrency you like in the market.

The team behind DeFi Kingdoms hopes to use the game to educate people about how DeFi works and to teach them about the benefits of using it. They want to show how easy it is to make money while helping people learn about the technology behind it.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with DeFi Kingdoms!

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Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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