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A Kryptomon will be a digital pet on the blockchain, a pet that, like Tamagotchis, will need to be taken care of and trained. Taking inspiration from Pokemon, Kryptomon trainers will then be able to battle it out against each other, vying for supremacy to determine just who the best trainer in the world really is.

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Kryptomon Game Review

Kryptomon is a blockchain-powered battle-action RPG where you fight against other players to become the best trainer. You start with a small group of monsters called kryptomons. They are born from eggs and raised by players. When they reach adulthood, they are ready to face opponents and earn money to upgrade their base.

The introduction of CryptoKitties on the blockchain in 2017 completely reimagined the idea of a digital pet. The Kryptomon team enjoyed the concept and the fact that each cat was distinct.

As seen on kryptomon.co, the game has attracted thousands of subscribers on different platforms.

You can play Kryptomon free of charge. However, you must purchase some items to improve your monster’s stats. These include coins, gems, and other rewards given out during battles.

The game runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), 0xcert (ZRXC), and many others. Each participant is assigned a random ID, and all transactions are logged on the blockchain.

Game Mechanics

The gameplay of Krypton is based on the concept of collectible cards. Each card represents a Kryptonite and contains information about its properties and how to use it. Players collect cards throughout the game and combine them into powerful combinations. When you’ve collected enough cards, you’ll be able to create a Kryptomon.

Your Kryptomon will look like a combination of all the cards you used. You can customize your Kryptomon’s appearance by choosing the color scheme, skin tone, eyes, hairstyle, clothing items, accessories, and voice. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to take on opponents online.


The genetic code for each Kryptomon is created at random. The DNA you give your monster determines not just its appearance but also its abilities on the battlefield. In choosing a monster to work with, you must consider the effects of 12 distinct genes on its physical and behavioral characteristics.

The genes are Attack, Toughness, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, Affection, Madness, Bravery, Instinct, Hunger, Ego, and Smartness.


People in the community serve as mentors to others. Get training tickets from random loot boxes if you wish to train your own NFT pet monsters. You can level your specific abilities, stamina, or constitution with each ticket.

Battle Modes

The goal of the game is to engage in combat against Kryptomon. In tournaments, your animals compete for prizes and prestige by defeating one another. You may battle friends in one-on-one duels, train with computer-controlled opponents, or enter tournaments against strangers.

In combat, your monster will utilize a wide variety of attacks, including physical, shield, elemental, and special spells, to break down the defenses of its foe. You will win if you can eliminate all of your opponent’s creatures.


Breeding is a great approach to creating new living NFT animals since it allows you to blend characteristics from two species into one egg.

Because mutation occurs during reproduction, the offspring may or may not have superior statistics than their parents. Both physical traits and genetic characteristics can be bred for the animal population.

Kryptomon Tokenomics

The game offers ERC20-compatible Ethereum Tokens called Kryptomon (KMON) tokens.

Kryptomon (KMON) is the game’s native coin, and it’s being deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). KMON coins buy loot boxes and collectible digital assets called NFTs.

Play-to-earn with Kryptomon

Kryptomon is a proof-of-stake game since it is hosted on the BNB Chain. A KMON user’s whole life may be lived inside the game, and the crypto they use has real-world worth.

Winning quests and breeding uncommon animals to sell are two ways to increase wealth. One of the best methods to get money is to sell animals.

Each living organism or egg is a non-fossilized NFT, and those with particularly high statistics may be worth a great deal. Exceptionally rare animals have fetched tens of thousands of dollars at auction.

Kryptomon Marketplace

When comparing the metaverses of several P2E NFT games, you’ll find that Kryptomon simplifies managing your cash. You can buy and sell Kryptomon NFTs on the market and hunt for eggs and adult monsters.

You can put up things for sale or bid on monsters that interest you. The Kryptomon market has numerous filtering options to help you locate the rarest creatures that match your specifications.

The Kryptomon market serves as a place to buy brand new NFT pet monsters and wager Tokens KMON to win prizes in NFT lotteries.

Treasure Hunt

The company’s real-world gaming elements include treasure hunts. Participants in a treasure hunt use the location services on their mobile devices to travel to a predetermined physical place for a limited period.

Arriving at this spot will allow you to open a sealed box. This randomized chest may contain a training ticket, an NFT egg, or anything else.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with Kryptomon!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Metamask.

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with Kryptomon

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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