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SolChicks is a multiplayer NFT game ecosystem integrated with unique P2E elements. Our ecosystem is designed with a gameplay loop and reward system that has a high level of detail and intricacy with P2E at its core. Our flagship title SolChicks Saga is a multiplayer role-playing game where players can own and trade their NFT assets

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SolChicks Game Review

Solchicks is a GameFi project aiming to be the world’s largest blockchain-based MMORPG developed by Catheon Gaming under Solana blockchain. Players can buy, sell, trade, and battle their way into becoming the ultimate champion.

The gaming metaverse is built around collectible digital assets. In addition to being traded within the ecosystem, these assets can be used to purchase in-game items.

SolChicks is run by an experienced team of over 100 fully committed to the project’s long-term success. They are based in San Francisco and work together to build a successful product. Solchicks has a large fanbase and a thriving community with over 500k members on social media platforms like Discord and Telegram.

SolChicks is a play-to-earn fantasy game with combined elements of non-fungible tokens and DeFi. In the game, players take control of SolChicks, a group of girls who fight against evil forces. Players must help SolChicks defeat their opponents and save the world.

Users can join the SolChicks’ exploits against the SolFox using collectibles they’ve unlocked at solchicks.io. They have various options for earning tokens, exchanging them for monetary value, or voting rights on the platform.

Game Mechanics

Lightfeather Village is where players meet the NPCs (non-playable characters) that give out missions and provide rewards for completing them. Lightfeather Village NPCs also handle other game mechanics like blacksmithing and selling items.

Each player starts the game with one free, upgradable pet. The enhanced version is then used in multiplayer modes like PvP and co-op missions, where it faces off against other players.

In addition to the gameplay, SolChicks offers a lot of additional features. For example, you get access to an online shop where you can buy virtual items. These include clothing, furniture, pets, etc. These items cost money, so you’ll have to invest real cash. But don’t worry; SolChicks is a play-to-earn game where you can earn by playing the game.

Adventure Mode (PvE): There are many chapters that players can choose in the main PVE mode. Approximately ten areas can be found inside each chapter.

In each chapter, players face off against a new set of monsters and adversaries, whose level and strength are proportional to their own, and for which they can receive rewards like $SHARDS, SolCoin, weapon and equipment NFTs, food, and so on.

Raid Mode (PvE): Raids are group encounters in which many players work together to take on a powerful boss in a limited amount of time.

PvP Mode: To begin a fight, players must first head to the battle lobby, where they can choose from the SolChicks stored in their SolChicks Game Account, as well as the appropriate gear and items to give them the best possible chance of victory. After that, they’ll enter our matchmaking system and fight other players with similar MMRs.


The SolChicks were called the Chicks, even though they were more than just a chicken. The Chicks were a frank, reclusive race that originated on Chicco. They lived peacefully for many years, so long that it was recorded in their ancient texts as the “Period of Calm.”

The game features three playable characters: SolGirl, SolPrincess, and SolKnight.

Players can choose one of the three SolChicks classes and start playing solo or team up with friends to battle together. When playing alone, players can select one of the three SolGirls to play as.

SolChicks NFT

Players will need to register a SolChicks game Account, into which they can transfer several Non-fungible Tokens from a Solana wallet and then utilize those NFTs to represent themselves in-game.

Because of the nature of the NFTs used in SolChicks Saga, the gaming ecosystem actively promotes player-to-player trades and sales of SolChicks NFTs to expose them to the game’s full breadth and depth. Simultaneously, the P2E game developers want the players to use the money they invest in the game.

A player that buys NFT collectibles will receive the full version of that NFT, including its level, stats, elemental qualities, etc.

Solchicks Tokenomics

The RPG game utilizes a two-economy token.

In SolChicks, players can engage in various activities, from leveling up their characters through PvE and PvP battles to farming rare items and searching for hidden riches.


SolChicks $CHICKS are a governance token combined with $SHARDS, which are needed to breed SolChicks NFTs. A total of 10 billion $CHICKS tokens are available on several Solana NFT secondary markets like Solanart, FTX, and Magic Eden, where you can buy NFTs with either fiat currency or a cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Sol.

Earning $CHICKS in the SolChicks game is possible for holders of SolChicks NFTs through weekly leaderboard rankings and completing unique objectives and missions.

Minting a common SolChick has a higher chance of success, whereas a Legendary SolChick has a small chance. The Chicks token can be acquired through decentralized and centralized exchanges, including Raydium and MEXC Global.

Several major blockchain companies, including Grape, Brave, Chainlink, etc., have joined forces with SolChicks as strategic partners.


SolChicks NFT holders can earn $SHARDS, a utility token, in-game for leveling up, completing weekly and daily missions, and defeating other players in PvP battles.

While $SHARDS will be available on secondary markets, its major supply source will be in-game prizes.

Play-to-earn with Solchicks

There are multiple ways to earn profits from playing this crypto game. Some gamers spend hours grinding away for cryptocurrency tokens daily, while others use bots to speed things up.

You participate in raids and get better MMR. This is done by playing matches against other players in ranked games. The points go into your MMR rating, which determines your rank. Also, higher ranks mean longer queues for ranked games.

You can also earn tokens by finishing daily quests. Daily quests give owners coins daily, which can be spent in the in-game NFT marketplace to buy skins, pets, and even Solcoins.

Following a successful battle, the player will be given a treasure box that might include everything from $SHARDS and SolCoins to valuable goods and even new equipment. Winners typically take home a larger portion of the spoils.

Getting Started

You can follow these quick steps to get started with SolChicks!

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Step 1: Set up wallet

Follow this guide to get set up on Phantom Wallet

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Step 2: How to Start

Follow this guide on how to get started with SolChicks

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Step 3: Acquire Assets

Apply for a guild below or buy assets to start playing.

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Step 4: Log In & Play

Now you can begin your adventure, good luck!

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